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That’s right, you people in the Sunshine State. Roll the awnings up, batten down the hatches, and put another log on the fire. We’re headed to Florida today!

We hope to get an early start (early for us being about 9 AM) and hopefully we will be able to outrun the storm that’s supposed to hit here in Baldwin County in the early afternoon. It’s a little over 450 miles to the Escapees Sumter Oaks RV Park near Bushnell, where we have reservations starting on Wednesday. I’m not sure how far will make it today, but I’d like to get at least 300 miles behind us. Right now the weatherman is predicting thunderstorms there Wednesday afternoon, and I’d like to be in and parked before they get there.

Terry was still hurting pretty bad yesterday, so we went back to the chiropractor down in Foley and he gave her another adjustment that seemed to help quite a bit. Hopefully she’ll start feeling better before too long. But I suspect we may need to find a chiropractor for her somewhere around Bushnell while we are there.

When we were done at the chiropractor’s we stopped at a nearby bank to see if we could get some paperwork notarized that we needed to send to the Escapees Mail Service to establish our mailing address in Bushnell so we can switch our legal domicile to Florida. But though they had a notary public on duty, they only provide that service to their customers, even though we were willing to pay for it. There was also a notary at the UPS Store in Foley, but when I called she had left for the day.

As it turned out, the Foley Chamber of Commerce also has a notary, and she was happy to take care of it for us as well as making copies of our drivers licenses, passports, and Escapees lifetime membership card that we needed to include in the package to the mail service. When it was all done, I asked how much we owed her and she said nothing, it was a public service. Don’t you just love small town southern hospitality?

From there we drove up to the Super WalMart in Robertsdale to pick some things up we needed. The store is new since our last visit to the area and we liked it better than the old store down in Foley. It seemed to have a better selection of everything and we found several things that we couldn’t find last week at the Foley store.

After dinner I spent some time emailing back and forth with a soon to be fulltimer who has been RV shopping in the Phoenix area. He wrote me concerned because he found a four-year-old used diesel pusher that he and his wife think is the right rig for them. But a red flag went up when he asked about taking the rig to an independent inspector, which is something I recommend to anybody buying a used RV. He said he is paying for the inspection, and the dealer will allow him to have their lot guy take it to the independent inspector.

But they are demanding a $500 non-refundable fee that will not be included in the cost of the RV. So if the inspector finds a major problem that kills the deal, he’s out $500 to the dealer. The dealer is saying, “If your inspector finds a problem and you choose not to buy the RV, we have to keep your $500 for the half day or whatever it is off the lot. And if you do decide to purchase the motorhome, that $500 does not apply to the purchase price.” They assure him that’s normal in the business any time an RV leaves the lot prior to purchase.

I told him to run, not walk, away from that place. There are a lot of dealers selling RVs, go find a different rig from a reputable dealer who has nothing to hide.

Thought For The Day The best way to get something done is to begin.

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Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “Buckle Up, Florida, We’re Coming!”

  1. I’m so sorry Terry isn’t feeling well. Hope she’s on the mend quickly. Also glad you are almost to Florida, although your wake is still causing havoc in Tucson. Rain, sleet and snow yesterday with temperature in the 20’s at night!! I’m thinking I should head on back to Yuma where it’s 30-something!! LOL

  2. I’ll betcha a buck it was Earnharts.

  3. hope Terry gets to feeling better soon, have safe travels and watch the weather on the new last night they were saying possible tornadoes in the area.

  4. Prayers for Terry to get better!!!!!!!!!
    When we bought our used Beaver from Buddy Gregg in Lakeland (now closed) Phil Botnick suggested we get a check on the engine. We paid for the engine check. The Buddy Gregg dealership did not charge us anything for the RV to be at the Cummins dealer for the check. I agree with you about this dealer. RUN from them. A reputable dealer will be happy to let your inspectors go over the rig. It’s protection for them for after sale complaints.

  5. Used RVs are a dime a dozen. If the deal doesn’t feel right, walk away. As with city buses, another will come along very shortly. 🙂

  6. OK it’s 79° in Cocoa Florida will give you a couple of days a good sunshine before all hell breaks loose
    This is your last chance I do hear savanna Georgia calling you

  7. I am in Florida now. I guess now I can expect cold, rainy, weather. Thanks a lot Nick. 🙂

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