Will It Ever End?

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Jan 042016

Will the wind and cold ever end? This is Arizona, darn it, not Minnesota! The wind has been rocking our motorhome so much you would think a couple of 20-somethings on their honeymoon were inside, not a couple of old farts like us.

And that only adds to the cold. How cold is it? It was so cold the other day I saw a couple of teenage boys with their pants pulled all the way up! Seriously, it was so cold I saw one dog pushing another trying to get it started.

Okay, I’m done now. Miss Terry said so.

I could handle the wind if it was about 72 degrees or so. At least it would be good for kite flying. But I’m a complete wimp when it comes to cold. And anything under 68 degrees is cold as far as I’m concerned.

One benefit to the wind and cold is that we’ve been spending a lot of time inside, which means I’ve been able to get a lot of writing done. I believe in setting goals, and I did some calculating the other day and figured out that if I wrote a minimum of 1000 words a day I could put out an easy four new books this year, and maybe even five if I hustled. That’s in addition to the 500+ word blog I write every day, and stories for the Gypsy Journal. But I’m already closing in on 10,000 words on my next Big Lake mystery novel.

We’ve also been spending a lot of time with my cousin Beverly, usually going into town sometime in the mid-afternoon to see her and take her to dinner. I’ve spent some time setting up her new Acer Aspire Switch 10 2-in-1 Tablet & Laptop Computer . This thing is really cool, it’s a laptop computer that you can pull the screen off of and use as a tablet. I use one to run the Silverleaf engine monitoring system on our motorhome and really like it.

Several people have asked how long were going to be in Tucson, and I don’t really know. We would love to be on the road headed back east by this time next week, but until I get the results of my recent tests and MRI from the VA hospital we’re sort of in limbo. Hopefully we will know something in the next couple of days.

Readers may remember that when we were at Santa Fe RV Resort in Apache Junction back in December, we had an problem with our power going out and coming back on repeatedly. Since they have all new 50/30 amp power pedestals there, I assumed it was something in our Winnebago. We kind of had it narrowed down to the transfer switch so I planned to replace it once we got to Tucson. But we have been here for a week now, on a 30 amp full hookup RV site, and we have not had one glitch. Hmmm…, maybe it was the power at Santa Fe after all.

Congratulations Jeanette Raileanu, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of The Music Box by Heather Meyer. We had 113 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – When did my muffin top turn into a pound cake?

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  6 Responses to “Will It Ever End?”

  1. Yikes, hope it warms up! We’ve got a balmy 23 here in Metro Detroit.. Thanks for taking us on your travels!

  2. Thats what I get for skipping reading your blog a few days. I just centered a contest that is already over.. not cool of me.

  3. LOL — newly installed doesn’t mean newly installed correctly!

    We were at a Corps of Engineers campground about 14 months ago and they had to shut down a section of the campground 1 year after installing new plumbing — turns out the union worker who did the install never actually GLUED the PVC piping. They fit the piping and someone thought the job was done.

    Expensive mistake.

    Hope you warm up soon.

  4. Are you sure you want to come to Florida, Nick? It was 48 degree here in Florida this morning. Obviously, Florida is getting ready for you arrival.

  5. Nick, don’t make me tell you how nearly perfect the weather has been here in Fl. never mind how delicious the Christmas Day meal was at (can,t spell the name) Chinese restaurant on 192 was.

  6. i always thought that i was a wimp when the temp got down to 65 or less,…..turns out that i have a medical condition called Raynauds syndrome or phenomenon. Google it. 🙂

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