We Like Buc-ees!

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Jan 152016

We were up early again yesterday morning, something we’ve done all too much of lately. That’s a habit we have to try really hard to break. It’s starting to get out of hand.

After checking morning e-mails, storing the last things away inside the motorhome for traveling, and unhooking our utilities, we were ready to hit the road. We pulled off of Mike and Elaine Loscher’s lot at the Escapees Lone Star Corral in Hondo, Texas, hooked the Explorer to our Blue Ox tow bar, and at 10 o’clock we were on US Highway 90 headed east.

I wasn’t sure whether we should take Interstate 10 straight through San Antonio, or the longer I-410 bypass around the south side of the city. But Billy Kring had said that at that time of day we shouldn’t have any problems taking the shorter route through town. So when US 90 connected with I-10 we kept right on going. There was a little bit of traffic, but it wasn’t bad at all and before long we were on the other side of the city with no problems.

For years we have chuckled at the creative billboards for Buc-ees we have seen as we’ve driven through Texas, and my buddy Greg White has written about them many times in his Our RV Adventures blog, but we had never stopped there before.

Bucees 1

Bucees 3

Bucees 2

Yesterday we pulled into the one in Luling for fuel and to check it out. By the time I had stopped our Winnebago at the fuel island, I already liked the place! It was huge, with pumps for cars out in front and all of these easy to get to islands for big rigs off to the side. And even better, diesel was $1.79 a gallon, while the sign at the Love’s on the other side of the freeway was advertising diesel at $2.19. That’s right, a 40 cents a gallon difference!

Buckees Fuel Island small

Once we had filled the tank, we pulled into one of the long parking spaces for RVs, then went inside to check out the store. This place has everything from snacks and sodas, to steaks, frozen chicken breasts stuffed with jambalaya, over a dozen kinds of sausage, even more different types of jerky, souvenirs, barbecue grills and smokers, and of course, cowboy hats! After all, it is Texas.

Back on the road, it was another hour to the Colorado River Thousand Trails preserve in Columbus, Texas. Greg had scouted out some sites for us and was there to greet us when we arrived. I stopped to get propane, while Terry drove the Explorer on to a site. Remind me never to get propane here again. At $3.65 a gallon, I think it’s the most we’ve ever paid for it.

Terry did her usual expert job of getting me backed into our full hookup 50 amp site, and once we were leveled and hooked up, we visited with Greg and Jan for a while. We haven’t seen them since March, when we were all together at the Escapees Escapade rally in Tucson, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

RV site 2016 small

It was an easy driving day, just 165 miles, but that was enough to work up an appetite. So before long the four of us adjourned to Los Cabos, a Mexican restaurant in Columbus that Terry really likes. As always, we had lots of laughs as we enjoyed our meal.

We don’t have much planned for today, except for sleeping in. We’re tired from our quick trip across the country. This afternoon I think we’re going to go into the Katy area to have dinner at Little V, an excellent Vietnamese restaurant that Greg and Jan introduced us to a while back. We’re all looking forward to that.

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Thought For The Day – To be old and wise you first must be young and stupid.

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  2 Responses to “We Like Buc-ees!”

  1. Our first visit to a Buc-ee’s was in Wharton, TX. There is an attached feed and implement store as well as the fuel pumps, and I thought the Beaver Nuggets advertised on the marquis were some kind of animal pellet! Oh, my lord …. what a surprise inside!! Jersey in a display case that must have been 50 feet long … extravagantly decorated and scrupulously clean commodes in the Ladies room, each with it’s own these of decor … souvenirs of every kind for the discerning traveler … AND (wait for it) BEAVER NUGGETS. I have never had a treat that I liked better, and that is saying a LOT. I came out of the store with 3 bags. They are like crack cocaine for me. I have sampled and tested things that are nearly the same … but Buc-ee’s has that special something that cannot be duplicated. I will pay you $20 to ship me some Beaver Nuggets!!!

  2. Carol, after your praises of Beaver Nuggets, I had to find out what they were. Upon doing a search, I found that Amazon carries them. I have no idea how the price compares to buying in the store, but here is a link to them on Amazon (or better yet, access Amazon through Nick’s link and search there).


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