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Any small business owner worth their salt cares about their customers and does everything they can to earn and keep their business. Here at the Gypsy Journal we always try to go the extra mile to let our readers know how much they mean to us. But we realize that we can’t always please everybody, and on some rare occasions we have a reader who expects too much. There was a comment in yesterday’s blog from a couple who seem to fit that description. I cut and pasted the comment they left below:

We left the fairgrounds in Tucson this mourning headed to Quartsite. 3 mornings in a row we came to introduce ourselves and your curtains were always closed. We knocked once and nobody answered. Guess your to busy or stuck up to meet your blog readers. No problemo there are plenty of other ones to read. Former readers Roy & Jan Williams

I’m sorry we weren’t available when they came by, and really sorry that they think we are stuck up. I think (hope) anyone who has met us would disagree with that. Anybody who has read the blog very long should know that we are night owls. I usually write until midnight, or even 1 AM when I’m on a roll. That includes this blog and whatever book I’m working on, or stories for the paper. I got into this routine a long time ago because quite often people do stop by during the day, and I’m not able to just walk away from the computer like I would a workbench, and come back later and pick up right where I left off.

And once I’m done writing for the day, there are usually emails that need answered, I login my book sales from Amazon for the day to keep track of the trends, and occasionally I’ll pop into Facebook to see what’s going on in my authors group there. Then we take our showers and get ready for bed, which is seldom before 1:30 or 2 AM. Which means that we usually don’t get out of bed until 9:30 or 10 the next morning, and sometimes we just lay there and cuddle and talk for a while.

And yes, if someone does knock on our door in the morning when the curtains are closed, we don’t usually answer it. That’s our time, and if that makes us selfish, so be it. On the other hand, anytime you see the curtain over our door open, feel free to come by and say hello. We love meeting our readers. If you’re really lucky and time it right, Miss Terry might have a project on her loom that she’ll be happy to show you. And if you’re really, really lucky, she may have just made a sweet treat or some fresh bread that we will share with you!

On another note, blog reader Madelyn Bason sent me an email yesterday asking me to warn snowbirds headed south for the winter to be careful using their credit cards. She said their card was hacked three times following purchases at Flying J truck stops in Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia this week, and they didn’t realize it until their card was declined at another fuel stop. This happens all over the country, not just at Flying J. Thieves put something called a skimmer into the credit card slot at the pumps and capture your information when you make a payment. That’s why we never use a debit card at a fuel pump. With our credit cards it’s much easier and faster to get a problem resolved than with a debit card.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means. It’s time to kick off a new Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an audiobook of Highland Passage by J.L Jarvis. It’s a time travel historical romance that begins with the heroine blacking out following a car crash on an icy road, and waking up in a mysterious stone chamber being cared for by a kilted man who claims to be an eighteenth century Scottish highlander. To enter, all you have to do is click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Highland Passage

Thought For The Day – A “lethal dose” is also a “lifetime supply.”

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Nick Russell

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  14 Responses to “We Can’t Please Everybody”

  1. The comment from the Williams’s stated that they stopped by 3 mornings in a row. If they were there for at least 3 days, why didn’t they stop by later on in the day when the curtains were open? Very inconsiderate in my opinion if they only wanted to meet you on their schedule rather than on yours. I’m sure that isn’t the only time of the day that they come out of their unit.

  2. Nick,
    Simple……put up a sign on your door: “Night shift worker, come back at 1:00pm” !

  3. And my thoughts are the Williams either haven’t been readers long or don’t read for detail. Your “shift” work on the computer is well documented in the blog as is your sniveling when you do have to function before 10 or 11. 🙂 Someday I hope to meet you around a campfire. I would love to hear stories and to learn how to fix the world.

  4. Wow. I came by unannounced the other day in early afternoon and was greeted by 2 of the most friendly people I know. Thanks for the visit Nick and Terry. We sure enjoyed it.

  5. Cannot even imagine someone writing that comment! Curtains closed! Duh! Not up or not home, what could be easier to decipher? Or maybe, “we just don’t want to see people right now”.

  6. The Williams aren’t very well informed are they? Can’t imagine that they been reading your blog for very long or they have a problem with comprehension. Either way, it’s there loss, not yours Nick.

    One day we will actually meet up with you. Can’t imagine why we haven’t yet. But it will happen, and I am looking forward to that AFTERNOON meeting with you and Terry.

  7. I don’t care who you are, or what time of the day it is, if you do not have a personal connection to the folks in an RV and the door is closed, you don’t stop and knock unless there is an emergency (e.g., the RV is on fire.) Anyone who does not understand that does not have both oars in the water.

  8. It’s simple really – door closed, curtains closed means it’s poor etiquette to knock unless there’s an emergency situation.

  9. I really enjoyed my visit with you two. I was one of the lucky ones to see Ms. Terry’s project on her loom. Beautiful work. When we were new Snowbirds, one of the things a friend taught us was, if the door is closed don’t knock. So unless the weather is bad, Once we are ready for the day, we open our door and keep the screen closed.

  10. You are in your total and complete right, like every other RVer out there, to have privacy time. And honestly if these guys really wanted to meet you, why not send an e-mail? That’s how we hunted you down in WA last year 🙂 And I can confirm you are the least snooty people I know. Relaxed as jello, as laid-back as chocolate-chip cookies, as down-to-earth as mud pie. Ok…I think I’m hungry now…


  11. Well, sounds to me like it was a good thing you never came to the door!! Part of the reason one lives that life is for less stress right?? Some people do not make a good fit for friends…so don’t let such an email bother you, Nick. Besides you seem not to lack for plenty of good friends wherever you go!! Happy travels…

  12. Ugh. You’re far more understanding and open than we are. We had to go so far as to make up a sign to put on our door ‘Do Not Disturb – Nomads Busy or Sleeping’ and make a specific statement on our Contact Us page to not knock on our closed door.

    We know readers are excited to spot their favorite bloggers ‘in the wild’ and want to meet us all… but these are our homes after all, not open office fronts. They could be interrupting a conference call, live video cast, an intense writing projects or heck.. just us trying to lounge around and worship the cat.

    We really do love meeting our readers.. and I know you do too. What’s so wrong with dropping a quick e-mail first, introducing yourself and asking for a meet up? We’d much much prefer to make time to say hi and hang out instead of trying to be polite while our dinner is burning. If that’s being ‘stuck up’.. well, so be it. We just simply can’t entertain folks at the drop of a hat.

  13. We are looking forward to seeing you in Florida again. You are really nice people.

  14. I think all previous comments say it all. If they had been reading your blog for any time they’d know your schedule. I have met your lovely wife and you at a couple of your past Rallies. You two are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Don’t think twice about changing your ways. Perhaps time for bad Nick to poke his head out!

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