Pins And Needles

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Jan 082016

We have been on pins and needles the last few weeks, waiting for the outcome of some health issues. When I was in the hospital in Temecula, California back in mid-November they said an ultrasound found a cyst on my left kidney. They did a second ultrasound and said it was a mass and I needed to follow up with the VA hospital in Tucson. I asked them what the difference between a cyst and a mass was and they really could not explain it.

I lost my father, a sister, and several other family members to cancer, so when somebody tells you that you have a mass, it’s pretty disconcerting. Maybe it’s only natural to wonder if the worst might happen. Or maybe I’m just morbid. I’m usually a pretty positive guy, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind more than once since then.

The VA scheduled an MRI for December 31st, and we finally got the results yesterday afternoon. Good news, the MRI did not show the “mass” the hospital in California said was there. It did show 3 nodules on my left kidney, one on my duodenum, and one in my lung. But at this point they don’t feel there is any cause for concern and that they are not cancerous. I have to go through the whole thing again in three months so they can monitor things. As for all the pain I’ve been having, the doctor really didn’t have an explanation, except that it must be part of the ongoing pain from my back injury when I was in the Army.

So we are breathing a hugh sigh of relief and counting our blessings right now. We still have a lot of miles to travel and a lot of adventures waiting for us, and we can’t wait to get to them. We appreciate everybody’s prayers and good wishes during this difficult time.

A storm system is sitting on top of Tucson and we had heavy rain all day yesterday, with very cold temperatures. In fact, by afternoon the snow was more than halfway down the side of the Catalina Mountains. We’ll sit still for a few days until things clear up and then we plan to be on the road, headed toward Florida, with some stops along the way. We really need to scratch our hitch itch.

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Thought For The Day – Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.

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  26 Responses to “Pins And Needles”

  1. So glad the news was good. By mentioning a nodule in your lung and pain elsewhere, please ask the doctors to run the Valley Fever cocci blood test. I believe you said you once had Valley Fever and it can “flare up” and return with vengeance. Take care and keep on livin’..

  2. Wishing you all the best in this Nick…and don’t be afraid to seek another opinion too if you feel uneasy! Hope they are right that it is nothing serious!!

  3. Nick I am glad that you have been cleared of the treat of cancer. I have been through ALL of the steps that you have taken, Ultra sounds, x-rays including MRI;s AND biopsy, of my right kidney. All were negative after they said there was a mass on the kidney. I refused to except the doctors saying there was nothing with the test and biopsy after test showed the mass on standard x-rays. Long story short I now have one kidney. I too have family history of cancer and glad that I pushed the issue of one test good after one test bad. The right kidney was removed and it was completely encapsulated and cancer positive. I have follow ups every year. I would be glad to talk to you if need by sending a off line email

  4. Very happy for the good results of your tests, Nick. Congrats! And hoping you make it to our beautiful Florida weather soon. It’s been hot (hi 80s) and cold (low 50s) in one week and it’s raining now, but all in all, very enjoyable. We’re in mid-Florida near Tampa. (Lazy Days).

  5. Deep breath…no you don’t have to turn your head and cough, just let out a sigh of relief. Leave all the worry in the rear view mirror and enjoy Florida!

  6. Great news Nick. We are very happy for you and Miss Terry. We got a few inches of snow yesterday afternoon. Flakes were about the size of quarters and very wet, but most melted by 7:00 pm.

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way. Times like this can be so unnerving! You need to get to the coast and fly your kite! Love to say Hi if you breeze through Gulf Shores 🙂

  8. Oh no not Florida:) Sure hope you don’t bring that weather with you. Travel safe.

  9. SOOOO glad to hear the good news. Now maybe that nagging at the back of my brain will stop!! Rain finally went away in Indio … it’s just a little chilly!!

  10. Dear Lumpy,
    So glad it’s nothing serious.
    Just a lot of bumps and lumps.
    Welcome to older age.
    Florida is shivering at the possibility of your visit.

  11. glad the news was good. get on the road and scratch that itch, just leave the cold weather in AZ. safe travels

  12. Such GREAT news! A huge sigh of relief. Now back to the fun side of life.

  13. Congrats on the results. Heading to Florida next week also. Travel safe.

  14. Great news about your health!

    And thank you for going to Florida! We will be arriving in AZ from CA on Monday and wish you safe and expedient travels! 😉

  15. A huge relief for you both and us too. I know you will keep on top of the follow ups ?. Safe travels and we’ll see you at Escapade.

  16. So glad to hear all is well Nick.

    It’s never a good thing when we don’t have answers. I always enjoy reading your daily posts and look forward to them. Safe travels and hope you pass through the Longview area and stay at Riverside RV park for at least one night and maybe I can meet you and say hello.

    All the best to you,
    Susie Smeal

  17. Great news! Safe travels to Florida!

  18. Nick,

    So glad that it sounds like you can get on with your plans and let go of fear and concern about your recent health issues. I am glad that they are planning to keep an eye on you so if anything changes in a negative way it should be caught pretty early. I sometimes think that the medical profession does not realize what happens to fear levels when any suggestion of the “Big C’ comes up. While it is routine for drs and others to deal with it is anything but routine for patients.

    Hope the weather clears up a bit for you. This part of the country folks tend to blame it on ‘El Nino’. However if it follows you to Florida will the blame it ‘El Nick’?

  19. Pleased at your good health news. Now onward towards more of life………

  20. Really pleased to hear the new Nick, enjoy Florida with your lovely lady.

  21. Relieved to hear the good news. We’ve been wondering and worrying along with you all this week.

  22. Glad to hear your news good. I got the same good news today. Life is great.
    Safe travels.

  23. Been there, done that (cancer). 4.5 years clear now. Glad to hear you are in the clear!

    — jcw3rd

  24. Glad to hear the great out come of your visit to the Doc. Have safe travels to the East and don’t forget to take the rain and cold with you. Here in Indio they must no you are heading East because the sun is out and the warmth is starting to climb just a little. Hope our paths cross again in the future.

  25. Love the good news friend. Payer works & you have been receiving it from Jean & me.
    See ya soon.

  26. Great news! I have the same family history and I know it can make you hyper vigilant. This may be a good thing! Hope they figure out the cause of pain. You have lots of RV friends sending you good thoughts and prayers. Sure hope we can meet one day!

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