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Jan 132016

That’s about all I can say about yesterday. It was just more miles of driving across west Texas. This damn place goes on forever. That’s why they call it Texas, because it “teks us” days and days to get across it.

We left the Southern Star RV Park in Van Horn a little after 9 AM yesterday morning and headed east on Interstate 10, the start of another very long day on the road. And before anyone tells me how bad Interstate 10 is across Louisiana, I challenge you to drive east on the same road between Van Horn and Fort Stockton. It was shaking stuff off of cabinets, bouncing us all over the place, and giving me a real workout just holding onto the steering wheel at 55 mph.

I 10 Texas

We stopped at the Flying J in Fort Stockton for fuel, and I think whoever laid out this truck stop must have been an RVer. It is the easiest one to get in and out of in the entire country.

Back on the highway the road surface smoothed out and made for a much better ride.

Curves I10 Texas

Just past Junction we got onto US Highway 83 and followed it south for about 80 miles. It’s a pretty decent two lane road with a few curves, but we made good time.

The last time we came through there I commented on the name of the school mascots in the small town of Leakey, the Leakey Eagles. They need to put diapers on those critters or something!

Leakey Eagles

Near Concan, no more than a wide spot in the road, we turned southeast on State Route 127. That took us 20 miles to US Highway 90, and another 20 miles or so east brought us to the Escapees Lone Star Corral co-op near Hondo, where we arrived just before 5 PM. Our good friends Mike and Elaine Loscher have a lot here, but they’re off on an RV adventure somewhere and told us we were welcome to park on it. Thanks for your hospitality, Mike and Elaine!

This was another 430 mile day, and yes, I know that’s way too many miles. But you have to remember that we are working RVers and sometimes we have commitments we have to get to. When that happens, we push hard. When we’re not on a tight schedule we travel at a more leisurely rate.

We will be here for a couple of nights, and today we are getting together with my friend Billy Kring and his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Billy is the author of the excellent Hunter Kincaid mystery series, and we are going to talk writing and publishing, discuss some future book projects, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a good deal of bull gets shot while we’re at it.

Speaking of books, Jerry Minchey is offering the e-book version of his Young RVers: How to Enjoy the Freedom of the RV Lifestyle While Making a Living on the Roadfree today through Friday on Amazon. Get yourself a copy today, even if you’re like me and not so young or new to RVing.

And finally, check out this link from Samsung Corporation about their safety truck program. How would you feel about coming up on one of these out on the highway?

Thought For The Day – Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazies from following you.

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  8 Responses to “Just More Miles”

  1. Traveled that west Texas highway a few times and it really is boring. We listened to quite a few books on tape to help us along.

  2. I’m a BAD girl …. when the road is that rough, I drive in the left lane, assuming of course it is a little better from less truck traffic.

  3. That area of west Texas has had a lot of oil production the last few years .The trucks have caused excessive wear. Part of the cost of cheap fuel. The town of Leakey is pronounced like ” Lakey”. 🙂

  4. Hey Nick,
    It’ll be worth the cold weather to see you guys in Florida this winter! Bring it on. We’ll be bouncing around the state too – we’re scheduled for TT Peace River Feb 5-8 and TT Orlando Mar 4-11.

  5. That part of I-10 broke my RV! A single lane construction zone westbound had a pothole so bad it bounced us up to the ceiling of our Dodge Ram, disabled the transmission and eventually discovered the front pinbox crossmember of our Fiver was cracked on the side the pothole was and eventually the Fiver collapsed onto the bed rails. Took 3 weeks to get it fixed.

  6. We traveled it last week and went on through New Mexico and Az. We hit snow and ice. Not easy driving.

  7. You are quite welcome, our lot get lonely when we are not there. We are just sorry we missed you, maybe we will catch up with you in Florida in March when we plan to be touring the state. Take care and safe travels.

  8. Since we hung up our keys we are doing the virtual RVing with you, so keep the shiny side up- LOL

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