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That’s about all I can say for yesterday, and from what the weather report is saying, for most of the coming week here in Arizona. It started raining late Sunday night and pretty much never stopped all night long and all day yesterday. At least the wind, which continued to rock our coach all night, finally died away about midmorning yesterday.

The news out of Phoenix said many places in that area had over a half inch of rain yesterday, and I’m sure Tucson got that much, if not more. There was standing water all over the fairgrounds RV park, as these pictures show.

Wet fairgrounds small

Wet fairgrounds 2 small

Rainy day fairgrounds small

We were going to go into town in the afternoon, but when I talked to my cousin Beverly, she said a lot of intersections were flooded around her place, so we decided to just stay home. People drive crazy enough on the dry roads here, I really don’t want to tangle with them when it’s wet and visibility is bad.

Staying home is never a problem for us, because we always have plenty to keep us busy. In fact, we really enjoy it. For me, it was a good day to get some writing done. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I had set a goal of writing 1,000 words a day in my books, which should allow me to put out four or five books by the end of the year. That’s in addition to the 500+ word blog I write every day, plus stories for the Gypsy Journal.

But yesterday alone, I got just over 6,300 words done on my next Big Lake mystery novel, which brought me close to 16,000 words total. So I’m kicking butt on that 1,000 a words a day plan. Of course, I know there will be days when we are traveling, or I’m working on a new issue of the paper, or we are doing something else and I may not get anything written. But as long as it averages out, I’m okay.

While I was doing that, Miss Terry was busy at her loom, warping up a new project and then weaving away. She’s never happier than when she has the shuttle in her hands, creating another beautiful and useful work of art.

Terry at loom small

The new printed edition of the Gypsy Journal, which we were finally able to mail out late last week, is starting to arrive at our subscribers. We included a notice that this was the last printed edition and that subscribers had the choice of either switching to our full color digital edition or receiving a prorated refund for the balance of their subscriptions. I asked those who wanted to make the switch to digital to please send me their email addresses. I guess I should’ve added that we also need your name so we know who you are. I got a bunch of requests to be switched to the digital edition yesterday, but three or four of them just had an email address, with no message and not even their names so we would know who it was. So if you want to be switched to the digital, please include your name and snail mail address along with your email address.

And finally, before I close for today, here is a link to a website with a list of many RV terms that newbies often hear but aren’t familiar with. And even for old-timers like us, there might be a couple we didn’t know.

Thought For The Day – In alcohol’s defense, I’ve done some pretty dumb stuff when sober, too.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Good Weather For A Duck”

  1. Nick, I think Florida knows that you are beginning to head this direction. All of a sudden nights in the 40s and days in the 60s — Nick Russell weather.

  2. Are you still using Dragon voice recognition for writing … not seen a mention since Oct? I use voice recognition for texting … I like a small phone …but my fat fingers don’t do well on the small keyboard.

  3. Wherever Nick goes, so goes the rain!! Beautiful picture of Miss Terry!!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. I’m wondering if you have ever done a post on how Terry stores her weaving supplies when you are traveling and what her set up is when you are parked? Where does she set up her loom, etc? I see the spools hanging on the wall behind her and assume they are put away when bouncing down the road. I like to quilt. We are planning to full time in a couple of years and just wondering how that would work.

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