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Jan 022016

The sound of roaring race car engines woke us up the first morning of the new year. No, we had not mistakenly set up camp in the infield of a NASCAR track; there is a race track next to the Pima County Fairgrounds RV park and apparently they were doing time trials for most of the morning. And this weekend they are having a gun show, too!

Many RVers never think of fairgrounds as a camping opportunity, but we have stayed at many of them across the country over the years we’ve been on the road as fulltime RVers. We have always enjoyed not only the discounted camping, but often having a front row seat to all kinds of fun things we didn’t expect.

You just never know what kind of activities may be going on at a fairgrounds when you camp there overnight. Once we were at the fairgrounds in Torrington, Wyoming when a small circus was staying there between shows. I went over and talked to some of the folks who worked for the circus, and was given an interesting behind the scenes look at how they operated and how the performers, support people, and animals lived when the crowds left the big top and the face paint came off. On another visit to the same fairgrounds, we were there over the Fourth of July and had a front row seat for one of the best small town fireworks show we’ve ever seen.

Once, when traveling across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we stopped at the fairgrounds in Escanaba and discovered they were setting up for a monster truck show. While the people in the audience paid $15 each to be cramped in together on hard grandstand seats, we were on the other side and watched the trucks crushing old junk cars from the comfort of our motorhome, with full hookups, for just $10!

Another time, after an Escapees Fun Days rally at a fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, we stayed over a couple of days to visit my son, who lived in the area at that time, and woke up surrounded by beautiful classic cars. The fairgrounds manager had forgotten to tell me that there was a car show starting the day after the RV rally, and as it turned out we were parked right in the middle of the action. But can you think of a better way to spend a weekend than to be surrounded by vintage Corvettes, Thunderbirds, and Mustangs? I can’t.

We’ve also found ourselves camping at fairgrounds while antique tractor shows, quilt shows, 4-H fairs, dog shows, gourd festivals, and all kinds of other fun things were taking place. Camping at rates that are usually much less than the local RV parks, RV sites that are usually roomier, and you never know what kind of activities you might find yourself with a bird’s eye view of. That’s fairgrounds camping. What more could you ask for?

RVs Celina fairgrounds

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  6 Responses to “Fairgrounds Camping”

  1. We also found ourselves at a fairground in Yuma and Celina at some of the best RV rallies.

  2. We love fairgrounds and we often have similar experiences. Not always full hookup but for us that’s usually not an issue

  3. We enjoy fairgrounds camping also. We have seen several horse shows FREE. Lots of fun.

  4. The picture looks like Celina, Ohio. If I’m right, do I get a prize, or at least an ” ata boy” ??????

  5. Yes, Rich, it is the Celina fairgrounds. Sorry, but your only prize is in being right. 🙂

  6. Silly question…but what’s the best way to find them when traveling?

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