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I like to save a buck as much as the next guy, and anytime I can get a discount on something I’m happy to do so. But I also realize that a business has to make a profit to keep its doors open. But for some reason, a lot of RVers I hear from don’t seem to understand that.

I have had more than one person ask me why we are going to continue to charge for subscriptions to the digital issue the Gypsy Journal, since it doesn’t cost us anything to produce it. Really? While we won’t be paying for printing and postage, it still costs money to travel to the places we write about, nobody is giving us computers and digital cameras for free, I have to pay for our Internet service, and call me crazy, but I do like to eat once in a while. I wonder how many of those same people would be willing to work for free?

Just the other day I was involved in an online conversation with someone who thought it was totally unfair that the campground where he was staying charged $3 per person when he had seven visitors come over to watch a football game on the TV mounted on the side of his motorhome. He asked, “I already paid for my site, why do they need any more money from me?”

In 16+ years of fulltiming, we have been to very few campgrounds that don’t charge a fee for day visitors. If one of those visitors were to fall and get hurt while there or get bit by a dog or whatever, the campground is just as liable as they would be if it were an overnight camper who paid for their site. And I haven’t heard of an insurance company yet that will cover a business for free.

Another complaint I get about campgrounds is that they charge to use their dump station even if you’re not staying there. Who do you think paid to install that dump station? Who do you think purchased the land it’s on? Who do you think pays the taxes on that land? If the campground is on a septic system instead of being connected to the city sewer, do you think maintaining it and getting it pumped out is free? Oh, and did I mention that insurance isn’t free either?

I’m reminded of a fellow a while back who wrote to me for advice in making a deal on a new Heartland fifth wheel trailer. He said he had done a lot of research and knew within just a few bucks how much the dealer paid for the unit and he offered him $500 over that, but expected the dealer to throw in several freebies. These included a step mat, a folding coffee table, a patio mat, and a couple of other things. He couldn’t understand why the dealer wouldn’t jump all over such an offer.

I guess he assumed the dealer had a fairy godmother who paid for his overhead, his employees salaries, the cost of getting a unit delivered and prepped for sale, and everything else it costs to keep the place open. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that darned dealer isn’t just like me and likes to have dinner when he comes home from a long day at work, too!

Folks, saving a dollar here and there is nice. Saving a lot of dollars is even better. But let’s get real. Any business, whether it’s a mom-and-pop operation like ours or a mega dealership, needs to make a profit. And that profit has to be big enough to allow them to stay in business so that when you come back to them with a problem or to shop again, they’re still there. It’s Economics 101. How hard is that to figure out?

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Thought For The Day – Most times, it just gets down to common sense.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  14 Responses to “Profit Is Not A Dirty Word”

  1. Well said, Nick. Sadly, I think these things are a reflection of the general sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility that is so pervasive these days. You and Terry work hard to publish your paper, and deserve every penny that you charge.

  2. I believe that your “Thought for the Day” is especially apropos today… Common sense today is, quite often, completely missing for a lot of selfish people who have no understanding of economics nor even basic empathy for others’ needs beyond their own.

    As for me, I am really happy that you and Terry can finally streamline the process of producing your fine paper. You picked an auspicious time to begin the new year with the all-digital Gypsy Journal. Congratulations of a job well-done. May the new year bring you many new subscribers.

  3. I admit, I’m one who probably complains about the high cost of things, but I always pay with rarely a question about the charge. As you said, most people in this world are just trying to make a living for themselves. I’ve never seen an RV park manager or owner driving around in a Corvette!!

  4. Nick and Terry— good comment on the cheapies, looking for freebies. Like you I was a small business owner in Canada, no difference there with those type of people. Many came back for help and I was able to help because I made a small profit. Look after your body, your brain seems OK.

  5. Those who want some thing for nothing have probably never been seff employed.

  6. Since we are a capitalist country, I have often thought that the basics of business should be taught in schools, such as what a profit and loss statement is, different kinds of corporations, the impact of taxes on business, basic bookkeeping skills, etc.

  7. Guess I’m in the minority here but I don’t see any reason to pay for your digital paper either. You are already traveling and writing a blog and have your computers and camera and all so where is the added expense you talk about? There is nothing in your paper or blog that I can’t find online for free with a little bit of effort.

  8. Nick, every word of that post is true….People just need to get a life and pay for it.

  9. Right On, Nick. While we all like a deal, businesses MUST make a profit or go out of business. And we all like to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Walter, Walter, Walter…..don’t you see you answered your own question — when you said “online free with a little BIT OF EFFORT”.
    Nick is doing all that heavy lifting for everyone, sheeesh.
    Where or where is common sense today?

  11. Who ever named common sense was dead wrong-its not very common at all!

  12. I agree with everything you said about wanting to get things for as cheap as you can, but they do need to make a profit. One more thing I almost thought Bad Nick was coming out. Hope you are feeling better, and tell Miss Terry hello from us also.

  13. There is also the question of TIME involved.
    And since I presume most readers are – (respectfully) – in the old to older category, I would think that the appreciation would be for the TIME involved in putting something together, besides the effort of the content. The older I get, the more TIME becomes as precious as gold.

  14. These folks who want things at cost, gladly pay for bottled tap water,pressurized air at the gas station, and probably a “pet rock” (remember them ?) in the past.

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