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I love Christmas music, but when it comes to Christmas itself, I’m a bah humbug kind of guy. More and more it seems the real reason for the holiday is forgotten by most people, buried in an avalanche of greed, consumerism, and a mad quest to buy the biggest and best gifts, and then spending the next year paying off credit cards just in time to start the process all over again. No thank you.

The first Christmas on the road can be difficult for some new fulltimers and snowbirds. They miss the kids and grandkids and feel guilty that they aren’t there to share the holiday. So what do they do?

Some leave their RV and fly home to be with the family, and we’ve known a few who help pay the cost for their kids and their families to come south to have a holiday reunion somewhere warm. Others are content with phone calls and Skype to share the day with those far away.

Just because you have left the snow and cold behind and now live in a house on wheels now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Christmas. Most RV parks have a potluck dinner at Christmas, or often a group of people will get together and go someplace for dinner. For Terry and I, it’s become a tradition to go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day. When we are at the Orlando Thousand Trails in Florida, a bunch of us usually get together and go to a good Chinese buffet in Kissimmee.

And living in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t have fun decorating for Christmas. Usually just on a smaller scale. Here are some pictures Terry took at Orlando a couple of years ago.

RV with bowHo Ho Ho RV

Let it snow

And who says you have to have snow in the yard to decorate? Don’t try to tell these folks that!

Ice block snowmanDecorated yardDecorated yard 5

How do you celebrate Christmas as an RVer?

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Thought For The Day – There should be a calorie refund for things that didn’t taste as good as you expected.

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  7 Responses to “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. We are wrapping up our first year as full-timers by spending the winter in Harlingen, TX and I have to admit that I am just miserable knowing we wont be back home in Anoka, MN with our son and granddaughters. They are 3, 5 and 8 and there is so much of their lives that we are missing. I try to keep myself busy but I cry a lot when I think of the memories I will never get to share in. The crazy thing is that I was the one who first talked about full-timing and at first my husband was reluctant to give up his workshop and the house. But he has taken to it like a duck to water while I really have not adapted well at all. We really can’t afford to fly back or to bring the family here. We tried Skyping but its just not the same. You can’t cuddle with a computer screen. My husband keeps telling me it will get better over time but so far it hasn’t. If I had my druthers we’d sell the truck and trailer and go back home but I know we can’t get what we owe out of them. So I’m stuck and heartbroken.

  2. JoAnne, that is just so sad you are not enjoying your life right now. Maybe in April you can head North and find a campground in your hometown and stay for the summer. Try 6 months a year of half-timing instead.

  3. Well said bah. Phyllis and I have gone to the movies nearly every year since the early 80’s. If anyone decides to do this be aware they are usually very busy. What else do you do after everyone has opened gifts?


  4. When we first started full timing it was so nice not to do anything at all. Just enjoy the desert southwest. After a few years we created our new Christmas. A little bit of decorating , baking cookies, a wreath a few cards exchanged. It is nice to figure out what you want to do when for most of your life your “obligations” pretty much dictated a large portion of your life. When Mom was alive we all trekked to the winter on the Oregon coast. Now we have Christmas in July on the coast. LA International Airport at Christmas is no more.

  5. Merry Christmas Nick and Terry, I hope you have a great one. I know it is a bit early but we will be going to Austin to see the grand baby. I won’t have my computer and neither will Mike. Our park goes all out to make sure everyone has a good day, they are having a nice dinner, we have had a Christmas decorating contest that is judged by our guests. Ginger bread decorating contest also. Folks just need to get out and enjoy the parks activities and not sit alone and be sad. I miss our grandson and son in California but a phone call helps a lot.

  6. Second marriage for us both. My kids …. Hershey area of PA and northern MD. His are in Alabama, Lake Charles area in Louisiana and near Houston. Where do we spend Christmas? One year in the north, the other in the south. Works for us.

    Wherever each of us is, it’s not only at December 25 that should be held special. Make any time of the year you visit with friends and family you own special season.

  7. We have the kids and grandkids fly down to where ever we are during their Christmas break. That way we get to spend uninterrupted time with them. I’ve heard too many horror stories of RVers flying back to spend Christmas with the kids and never getting to see them because of all the pulls in other directions. We don’t exchange gifts or give material things – just the creating of new memories for all of us.

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