Enough Already!

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Dec 162015

Okay, I’ve tried to be nice about it and just snivel and whine, but that hasn’t helped. The warmest it got was 50° yesterday, and it got down into the 20s last night here in Apache Junction. Just like it did the night before, and just like it’s supposed to do tonight. If I see old man winter I’m going to kick his butt all the way back to Minnesota where he belongs!

Since it was too cold to go outside, and because Miss Terry told me the rest of the world didn’t need to listen to me sniveling anyhow, I never opened the motorhome’s door yesterday. I spent the day formatting the new digital edition of the Gypsy Journal and getting it ready to send out to our subscribers, while Terry was busy proofing and editing my new book. She says it’s pretty good, but I’m not sure if that’s true or if she just doesn’t want to give me another excuse to feel sorry for myself.

Of course, it could be worse. It can always be worse. Back when Terry was being treated for cancer, we spent part of the winter in Traverse City, Michigan. Now that was cold! If you’re stuck in real winter someplace, here is an old blog I wrote on cold weather RVing that might give you some tips.

And, as always, there were e-mails to deal with from our readers. One was on a subject that I get asked about quite often, whether it’s really beneficial to use nitrogen in RV tires. Some people say it works miracles and others say it’s no more than snake oil. I’m no expert on it, but here is a link to what tire engineer Roger Marble says in his RV Tire Safety blog.

I also got an e-mail from somebody asking my opinion on solar window screens. This is something I actually do know little bit about. We have them on our windshield and really like them. They provide privacy during the day, and make a big difference on hot days when all that glass brings a lot of heat inside the motorhome. They can be quite spendy, but if you are in Florida, go to the Webster flea market near Bushnell and there is a company from Center Hill that sells the material either in pre-cut and grommeted sizes or by the linear foot at very good prices. They also have the suction cups and other hardware necessary to attach them to your windshield and side windows.

If you like a good mystery story, have I got good news for you! My two favorite authors both have new books out this week. Billy Kring just released Tonton, the fourth book in his excellent series about Border Patrol agent Hunter Kincaid.

And George Wier brought out Cold Rains, the first book in his new Jim Rains thriller series. Billy and George are a couple of Texas boys who happen to be good friends, and I’m honored to be able to call them both friends, though I’ll never come close to either of them in terms of talent and storytelling ability.

Thought For The Day – I hate when people accuse me of lollygagging when I am quite clearly dilly dallying.

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  8 Responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. Everyone deserves a good whine now and again. And if whining gets annoying, a glass of wine might stifle the urge to whine. Or maybe a good walk in the … yup… COLD… when you’re wincing it’s harder to whine.

    Then again, I completely believe that just because you talk about something does not mean that you are whining! Those who do are simply paying way too much attention to what we say. My wife remembers the craziest things I ever said and remembers them for decades in spite of the fact that they were thoughts that flew through my brain and I never gave them a second consideration. Go Figure.

  2. When we went to Alaska, it was a constant battle to keep the proper tire pressure in the truck and 5th wheel. Between temperature and elevation changes, I was adding and letting air out often. I decided to try putting nitrogen in the tires and see if that improved the situation. Well, there was some improvement but I’d say not enough to warrant the cost. The best solution in my opinion is a good TPMS and close observation to spot any tire problems early.
    By the way, we put new tires on our 5th wheel for the trip to Alaska from AZ (4547 mi.) and new tires on our truck for the trip back (4545 mi) and kept our speeds at reasonable rates when the road warranted it and didn’t have a single tire problem in over 9000 mi.

  3. Go ahead and snivel Nick cuz I’m doing the same! Those El Nino rains aren’t showing up often enough to combat the 28 degree weather here. I AM in California, right??

  4. I knew it was going to turn cold, the minute you parked in Arizona.

  5. Nick, stay where you are. It’s a nice warm 80 degrees here in Titusville today and I’d prefer it stay that way. 8^)

  6. Ok Nick, I think it’s time for you to move on. It was 26 last night in Casa Grande. I knew this would happen if you landed for awhile in AZ. (All tongue-in-cheek, I hope you realize.)

  7. It was a warm 31, here in Mesa when I woke this morning. Time to fill another propane tank. I don’t want to be caught without it like I was last year at Dutchman’s State Park last year at Christmas. It’s crazy. I should have went to Montana for the winter. Oh, well somewhere warmer. I’m getting reports from home it was down to 16 in Hamilton last night and snowing. Hmm, I guess it could be worse I will take the 50 degree days here.

  8. I’m seeing a trend here. Where ever you go, the weather turns to crap. We’ll be in Fort Myers for January and February and I do so hope that if you are coming to Florida you’ll restrict yourself to the Atlantic coast!

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