Black Friday Is Done

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Dec 142015

No, not that crazy shopping day that happens when everybody should be home sleeping off their Thanksgiving dinner, I’m talking about my new book Black Friday, which I finished yesterday and Miss Terry is busily proofing. When she is finished with that it will go to my next proofreader, and with any luck at all the e-book version should be out before Christmas.

It’s always nice to finish a new book, and I’m always eager to get it ready to go and hit the publish button. This is my tenth novel, and my second stand alone novel. I knew going in that stand alone books don’t sell nearly as well as books that are part of a series.

Dog’s Run is a good example. I consider it my best book ever, and many readers have told me they feel the same way, but in terms of sales it has not been an overwhelming success. In fact, of all my novels, it comes in last in terms of sales. But it was a story that had been rattling around in my head for several years and I really wanted it to tell it. Sometimes I write them just for me, if nothing else. This new book is the same way and I hope those of you who do buy it will enjoy it.


So what’s up next? It’s time to get back to Big Lake and see what those folks are up to. Whatever Sheriff Weber, his buddy FBI agent Larry Parks, and the rest of the crowd have going on, I’m sure they will provide me with enough material to turn into a tale that readers will enjoy. They haven’t let me down yet. My goal this year was to turn out a book every three months. I didn’t quite make that schedule, but the release of Black Friday will still give me four books for the year. I hope to keep to that same schedule in the coming year.

I’m not the only one who’s been busy around here. Look at Miss Terry’s latest creations. I see her do it over and over, stringing hundreds of pieces of thread onto her loom and turning out things like these two scarves and this beautiful shawl, but I’m still amazed every time.

Scarf 2 smallScarf 1 smallTerry shawl small


Here is some interesting news from the RV industry. Winnebago Industries has announced plans to open a manufacturing plant in a former Country Coach facility in Junction City, Oregon. In a news story dated December 1, the company also said it plans to revive the Country Coach brand. I’ll be glad to see such a great old nameplate brought back to life with a company that has a great reputation in the industry like Winnebago.

Congratulations Sandie Dixon, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Murder In Elysium by my friend George Wier. We had 135 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – People are so sensitive these days that I can’t even make fun of myself without offending somebody.

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  6 Responses to “Black Friday Is Done”

  1. Those are just beautiful Miss Terry!! I love the patterns!!

  2. Will Terry be giving a class on weaving at the Escapade?

  3. Nick ,I hope this book is the one that breaks the pattern for you !

  4. Jan,
    No, Terry isn’t on the schedule at Escapade. I think a seminar on weaving would take longer than the one hour time slots they have available.

  5. Any idea when Big Lake Reckoning and Big Lake Honeymoon will be out in paperback? The patrons at my library who enjoy the series want to know.

  6. Linda,
    I hope to have them out in paperback in the next month or two.

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