17 Per Hour

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Dec 212015

Apparently people are getting spam e-mails (not on Facebook) that say they are from me. They are NOT from me so please don’t open anything that has my name or this address NickRussell@simple.je

No, that’s not the speed of our old MCI bus conversion going up a steep hill, that’s the average of how many copies of my new book were selling per hour yesterday after it finally went live, sometime around 11 AM, until the last time I checked, around 8:30 PM. And that was just on Amazon alone! It’s also available on iTunes, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd, Page Foundry, and Tolino. We’re still waiting for Barnes & Noble to get it listed, so I’m afraid you Nook readers will have to wait a little bit longer. Hopefully, sometime today.

I appreciate all of you who downloaded Black Friday, shared links to it with your friends and family, and mentioned it on Facebook. My blog readers are some of the most faithful people in the world!

Black Friday cover small

In yesterday’s blog I said that I planned to get some more writing done, but instead I spent time working on the formatting of my last two Big Lake books to get them ready to produce printed versions. I’d like to get those wrapped up before we leave for Tucson just after Christmas, if I can. It’s a slow process sometimes.

Somewhere around 2 PM we left to go to Terry’s parents’ house for dinner. She had put together one of her delicious homemade lasagnas, and once we got to their house she popped it in the oven. An hour or so later we were gathered around the table enjoying the good food and the good company. There was enough left over to give her parents another meal, or maybe even two. I would have sniveled, except I knew there were two more sitting in the freezer here at home!

Back at home, I went through my email and answered those that needed attention. One was from a fellow who has a half ton pickup truck with a V-6 engine, and recently bought a fifth wheel trailer that is nearly 1000 pounds over his vehicle’s weight limit. He can’t seem to understand why it keeps overheating and has no power climbing mountains that he used to zip right over without the trailer.

I’m a motorhome guy, and I don’t have any experience with travel trailers or fifth wheels, but I do know the first rule is to use enough truck. Otherwise, it’s not a question of if you’re going to get into trouble, but rather when, and how much trouble it will be. If you’re lucky, the worst that may happen will be overheating and a loss of power, but then again you could blow an engine or transmission. Or even worse, you could get into a situation where the tail is wagging the dog and you wind up laying both of them in a ditch someplace. If you’re lucky! Remember that not only do you have to have enough truck to pull your trailer, you need enough truck to stop it.

And don’t believe what the salesman tells you at the RV dealer. He could give a damn what happens to you once you sign that contract and take delivery. When Terry and I were first researching fulltiming, she had a half ton four-wheel-drive Ford pickup with a six cylinder engine. I still remember a salesman assuring us that we could tow a 38 foot fifth wheel with no problem at all. “All you have to do is stick it in four-wheel-drive and you can go anywhere,” he said. Instead, we told him to stick it and we went someplace else.

Congratulations Dave Spain, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Gun Shy, the fifth book in my friend Ben Rehder’s excellent Blanco County, Texas mystery series. We had 108 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

And finally, please remember that this blog is an Amazon affiliate. When you order something through any of our Amazon links, it doesn’t add anything to your cost, but we do earn a small commission on everything you buy, which helps pay for the time and expense of publishing the blog. Just click on an Amazon link, then shop as usual.

Thought For The Day – It’s hard to win an argument with an intelligent person, but it’s almost impossible with a stupid one.

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  3 Responses to “17 Per Hour”

  1. I was thinking of a good Christmas gift for you, what about a package of kleenex boxes. You do a lot of sniveling these days….O:). Have really enjoyed your blog and all of your quips. Looking forward to a great new year of reading. Considering subscribing to your Gypsy Journal. Wishing you and Miss Terry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve pulled a lot of fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers and horse trailers over the last 40 years and I would never use anything less than a 3/4 ton truck. You’re right Nick, those salesmen will lie to you just to get you to sign on the dotted line because it puts a few bucks in their pocket. It’s not THEIR life on the line so they don’t care. If a half ton truck is the only one in your budget, then buy a MUCH smaller trailer.

  3. I need a go fund me ! I’ve got a 2006 3500 dodge Cummings with 42000 miles and pull a 2005 19′ Airstream ! My problem is, I have a heart bypass, two major back operations,Two artificial knees,I fell 30 feet out of a deer stand and broke 2ribs and punctured a lung and broke my right arm in two places. I need the go fund because I need a vacation ! I can’t get a loan because I don’t have any credit ,everything is paid for ! If I can’t get out of here soon , I ‘m going to check myself into a mental ward, And start eating at sonnys bbq , That should just about end it for me! Please don’t send anything over 100.00 as I don’t have a bank acc. And they won’t cash checks! Thanks for taking care of me all these years, One of Barry’s boys!

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