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Nov 132015

Since we only had 140 miles to drive, and it had gotten down into the upper-20s overnight, we were in no hurry to crawl out of our warm cozy bed yesterday morning. When we finally did, we took our time checking email and getting ready for the trip, so it was after 11 when we finally left the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster, California.

It was a short drive south to Palmdale, where we picked up State Route 138 and followed it east. The first part of the trip wasn’t bad, then we got into a long construction zone as we started climbing uphill. We had a Jersey barrier on our side for much of the way and not a lot of extra room but we still made good time.

Jersey Barrier small

Once we reached the top and started back downhill I really appreciated our motorhome’s exhaust brake.

Downhill small

We hit Interstate 15 and traffic immediately became heavier as we came down off of Cajon Pass into San Bernardino. Before long we connected with Interstate 215 and almost immediately got hit by strong crosswinds that made for some white knuckle driving for a few miles.

There was quite a bit of traffic and we were reminded that people in California think nothing of crossing three lanes of traffic to get to an exit, and apparently have no idea what a rearview mirror or a turn signal is for. But eventually we put Riverside behind us and continued rolling south, passing the impressive March Field Air Museum.

We connected with Interstate 15, and before too long we were in Temecula. We got off on State Route 79 and followed it 17 miles east to the Escapees Jojoba Hills co-op near Aguanga, passing some interesting rock formations along the way.

Rock Formations small

This is our first visit to Jojoba Hills and we wanted to see what everybody always raves about. Several of our friends and subscribers own lots here, and others visit on a regular basis, and nobody’s ever had a bad word to say about the place. But now I know why so many of them purchased lots here.

Yes, it’s a beautiful park, and the view from our site is impressive, and though we haven’t had much time to explore the place yet, I know they have all kinds of amenities, everything from a swimming pool to a woodshop. And there are lots of friendly people. But that’s not really why so many people bought lots here. They did it so they don’t have to drive their motorhome back down Highway 79 to get out of the place!

My buddy Orv Hazelton, who has a lot here with his lovely wife Nancy, told me it’s a good road. Orv lied. It’s two lane, narrow, and has quite a few curves. I’m sure that other RVers think it’s a piece of cake, but I guess I’m just an old fart because I really didn’t like it.

SR79 small

SR 79 3 small

SR 79 2 small

A couple of times I pulled off the road at “wide” pullouts to let the traffic behind me get past. One of the cars following us was this beautiful 1957 Chevrolet convertible. Now that’s a classic ride to be proud of!

57 Chevy small

As soon as we got to the park, before we even got to the office to register, subscriber Joe Wright stopped to welcome us. Orv came down to guide us to our site, which is right across the street from his lot. Then Judy Bell, of Travels With Emma blog fame, stopped to say hello and welcome us to the park. Once we were hooked up and settled in we walked over to Orv and Nancy’s rig to visit for a while and George Ruelens came by to say hello. A lot of other folks walked by and waved and said hi. It sure is a friendly place. I guess we’d better get to know these people, we may have to buy a lot if I can’t get up the courage to drive back down that darn road to reach the highway!

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Ancient Aliens

Thought For The Day – Every woman wants to be swept off her feet. It’s when you put them in the trunk that they start to freak out.

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  4 Responses to “Now I Know Why”

  1. Good morning,
    I hope you are spending a few days , once you get to know the place you will not be able to think of another place better to spend the winter in the southwest. 79 is very tiresome but good for your budget. Wait until a truck wrecks by that little bridge when you are coming home with a load of groceries! Forever to clean up and get through. Have your friends show you the road out the back , through Warner Hot Springs, the only way to leave if you are going to Arizona.

  2. Nik I am curious about all the info on the States that are coming thru on the blog. I wanted to ask you. Is this info for the “must see places” on your web site? I am trying to figure where I’m going to put this info if it is NOT on your site.

  3. Nick, we staying there last year in our Airstream. I agree getting there was scary!! Now we have a fifth wheel, I am not sure I have the courage to try it again. The place is beautiful, the people are great and the things to do unbelievable!!!! Have a great time!

  4. Nick – if you didn’t like highway 79 then you will definitely not like highway 371 and highway 74. We visited Jojoba Hills this past February for the day by car (not RV). We then took highway 371 to highway 74 to get to Palm Desert on our way to Phoenix. It was an “interesting” drive in a Mustang. I decided that I would never take our RV (an Airstream trailer) this way.

    However, you are a brave man and may take it.

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