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Nov 162015

I talked with Nick about 1pm CDT this afternoon.

Looks like he’ll be in the hospital at least one more day so they can run some more tests.

He’s resting comfortably and enjoying the drugs. LOL

I’ll post further updates when I have them.

Greg White


Nick Russell

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  8 Responses to “Nick Update”

  1. Good thoughts and prayers for Nick and Terry. Thank you Greg for keeping us posted.

  2. Thanks for the update, Greg.

  3. Thanks for the update Greg, our thoughts are with Nick to have a speedy recovery.

  4. That’s good news he’ll be only a day or so more. Any longer, and we would have to be shopping for a Drug Rehab facility.

    Hurry and Get WELL quick, Nick. You are missed.

  5. Thanks for the news Gregg!!

  6. Thank you Greg! Prayers and good karma being sent for Nick and Terry. Pancreatitis is NASTY stuff!

  7. Hi Nick and Terry hope the best for you guys, have a speedy recovery but don’t rush it. Put yourself first and you know all us RVers are pulling for you.

  8. I just found this update , Thanks for the news Greg.

    Nick , hope they let you go ! Get back to 100% . We all miss ya !
    Maybe you could release Bad Nick while you get your fill of Miss Terry’s cooking !!!

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