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Nov 142015

We had a lot of little chores to do around the motorhome so we spent yesterday hanging out here at Jojoba Hills getting some of them done. And I actually made some headway on whittling down my To Do list.

I started out by calling our mail forwarding service to have our mail sent to us here. Then I spent some time answering a bunch of e-mails, including assuring one couple that no matter what their friends and family members are telling them, the world really is round and they won’t drive off the end of the earth if they take off for the winter in their new fifth wheel to escape the cold weather up north. Why do people who are afraid to do anything on their own want to keep everybody they know shackled by the same fears and uncertainty?

This couple said one friend was telling them how RVers are targets for everyone from organized gangs who hang out in truck stops and roadside rest areas to prey upon them to corrupt cops who fill their ticket quota by pulling over travelers from out-of-state, knowing that they will just mail a check rather than come back to contest a traffic citation. A family member was telling them how they were going to break down and be at the mercy of crooked mechanics, and a former coworker had all kinds of dire stories to tell about what happened to a cousin’s friend’s brother-in-law, according to what he heard at a coffee shop, or some such nonsense.

I also had a very nice email from a lady who told me that she has read all of my Big Lake books twice, and saying if I don’t crank out some more pretty soon she will have to start on them a third time around. Don’t worry, my dear, there are more to come!

With the e-mail done, I went up to the trash dumpster to throw some things away and then stopped at the campground’s activity center. They’ve got a great setup here, with a huge swimming pool, craft rooms, a kitchen, and lots more.

Pool small

Quilting is very popular here and they even have a long-arm sewing machine for finishing the quilts the ladies make. Here are a couple of them they had on display.

Quilts small

Here is our RV site for the week.

Winnie at Jojoba Hills small

Jojoba Hills site small

We are backed up to the edge of a canyon and have a very impressive view. If I were more comfortable flying my Phantom drone I’d stick my GoPro camera on it and get some great pictures. But I need to practice more before I do that.

Valley View small

While we were at our friend Nancy Kissack‘s house in Atwater I ordered four more of the Green Longlife LED tubes for two more of our fluorescent light fixtures. Three of the new LED tubes worked fine, but one did not have the plug-in wiring harness that the others all had. It looked like someone had cut it off, tried to wire it and got it wrong, and then returned it. I tried wiring it directly but the tube itself seemed to be bad and would not come on. In fact, it shorted out the other two when I connected it. I called Amazon to see about getting a replacement, but as it turns out, since I ordered it with a credit card, I can only have the replacement shipped to the same address. That wouldn’t work, since we’re a long way away from Atwater.

So instead, the nice lady at Amazon issued a refund for the bad LED tube, and told me not to bother returning it, just throw it away. I’ll wait till we get to Apache Junction, Arizona in a few weeks to order another tube. Meanwhile, the single one I put in the fixture is doing a good job. I’ve ordered several of these tubes with no problem so I was surprised to get a bad one but happy with how quick Amazon was to offer a solution that worked for me.

For dinner we went to the Stagecoach Inn with Orv and Nancy Hazelton. The restaurant/bar combination is only a mile or so from the campground and has some very good Yelp reviews, but I’m not sure why. It’s certainly not due to customer service. As soon as our waitress came to take our order she told us we had exactly one hour to eat because the table was reserved for a regular customer who came in every Friday. (There was no reserved sign on the table.) Nothing like making you feel welcome, right? I wanted the fish and chips, which were on the menu as a regular item, but the waitress said they did not start cooking them until 5 p.m. and we got there a little after 4 so there would not be enough time before we had to surrender the table to the regular customer. I’m glad they have a regular customer who has his favorite table because I will never go back, let alone be a regular.

In response to the requests by so many of you, and thanks to my buddy Greg White for doing all of the work, all of the Overlooked America blog files are now in one place, accessible with the Overlooked America tab at the top of this page. More states will be added as I do them.

Be sure to enter our latest Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an audiobook of Sharon Delarose’s Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants: Through the Wormhole. To enter, all you have to do is click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Ancient Aliens

Thought For The Day – Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

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  5 Responses to “Hanging Out At Jojoba”

  1. I noticed the Overlooked America Series listed on the right side of the screen yesterday morning when I checked the blog. It certainly will make it easier to find when we need to access a particular state. A belated thanks for your service, thanks for your blog and advice and thanks for the overlooked America Series. And thanks for Greg White helping you do what you do.

  2. Nick I think if you can get those women to make a six sided quilt you could have a nice rok kite made out of that patch quilt
    I noticed nobody’s in the pool
    now you can be lucky you’re not in Central Florida where down to 60 Stop laughing we’re freezing our butts off here
    Enjoy sunny California

  3. Al, I know that Terry is an awesome baker, but if you get back into Temecula and would like to try some fun bread, check out Great Harvest, on Rancho California. Whenever we’re down that way we make a stop there and pick up 2-3 loaves. They freeze well, and make great toast — if you don’t eat them up quickly. They have one called “Popeye” bread that’s to die for!

  4. Glad to see you posted your review of Stagecoach Inn on Yelp.

  5. Love Jojoba Hills. The climate, view, amenities, and activities are superb but, in our opinion, it’s the people who really set it apart. Orv and Nancy are just one example. Please say hi from Randy and me (maybe they remember us from last year).

    That restaurant deserves every word or your bad review. As someone who worked in restaurants my whole life, it could have been easily avoided with a reserved sign like you said. If they forgot to put it out, all they had to do was apologize and own up to the error – but do that as soon as you sat down! Then offer to move you, maybe with a complimentary drink for the inconvenience. We can accept that restaurants take reservations and we can relate to someone making a mistake – but only if they own up to it. And really, no one cares who the reservation is for.

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