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Oct 042015

I heard from somebody yesterday who was headed south in the middle of the bad storms that are chewing up the Carolinas. He said it was raining so hard that he could not see his friend’s motorhome, less than 100 feet ahead of him, but they were making good time in spite of the downpour.

Why? Where in the world does anybody have to be that they would drive in that kind of weather? I asked him if there was a death in the family or something, and he said no, they were just headed to their winter place in Florida. Really? Like it’s not going to be there two or three days from now if you park somewhere safe and wait out the storm? And if it’s not going to be there, you damn sure don’t want to be there either!

A couple of times over the years we have found ourselves on the road in high winds or other bad conditions. But as soon as we could get to someplace safe we did, and stayed put until things cleared up. I’ve never understood why people in RVs will put themselves in danger to keep to their “schedule.” You’ve got a bed, cooking facilities, and a bathroom with you. What more do you need?

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in campgrounds when it was pouring rain or the wind was blowing enough to make it dangerous to be out on the road, and still see people pulling out. And these were not people who had to get home to go to work at the end of the weekend, they were fulltimers and snowbirds. What can be so great at the next place that you will put yourself and others on the road in danger just to get there? I don’t get it.

People keep asking me if we are going to have another Gypsy Journal rally anytime soon. We don’t have any plans for it at this time. While the rallies were a lot of fun, they were also a tremendous amount of work, and rising costs made it impossible to continue. A few people suggested that we just have one of the big RV companies sponsor the rally. It doesn’t work that way. Most RV companies have stopped sponsoring their own rallies for owners of their rigs, so I doubt very much they’re going to be interested in footing the bill for something we’re doing.

Another question I get a lot is what happened to Bad Nick? Between the Gypsy Journal, my daily blog, and writing my books, there just hasn’t been any time to let the ornery little munchkin out of his box. But I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Bad Nick. He keeps knocking on the inside of my skull wanting out. There is so much to talk about, but so little time.

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Thought For The Day – Just because some people are fueled by drama doesn’t mean that you have to attend the performance.

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  5 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Yeah, I don’t get it either Nick. A while back we saw some folks hooking up their travel trailer it what I describe as tornado force winds. It was blowing so had I had pulled our slides in part-way to prevent damage to the awnings. I asked them if they were moving to a new site. No, they were headed on down the road. They said they had to get to their next stop because they had reservations to take a tour the next day. What? We stayed right where we were until later in the day.

  2. Hey, when hitch itch strikes, you scratch it! Don’t be a weather wuss! ?

  3. We have even delayed leaving on Sunday when it’s a work day the next day due to bad weather. Take another day of vacation pay, or even a day without pay as long as you are still alive! Can’t earn a paycheck when your body and belongings are strewn all over the highway now, can we? LOL

  4. Why do some people appear not to have any common sense? Answer, because they don’t have any common sense. My life and that of my hubby and pet are more important than my “schedule.”

  5. just saying you cannot fix stupid. Like everyone else I cannot understand endangering not only your own family but some other innocent motorist and their families.

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