Raining Sideways

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Oct 112015

It’s been a cold, ugly weekend here on the Oregon coast. Lots of rain, lots of wind, high waves… at times it was blowing so hard that it seemed like it was raining sideways. In short, it’s been a good weekend to hunker down inside the motorhome and write.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m more than 75% of the way through my latest book, Black Friday. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I’m not wasting my time flying kites. I went outside just once on Friday, to take trash down to the dumpster, and again yesterday, to dump our black tank. Other than that I’ve been plugging away at it and I’m happy to see how well the story is coming together.

Miss Terry has been planning a new weaving project and showing me different patterns she’s considering using. I thought by now she would have it warped up and ready to go, but between keeping up with bookwork, laundry, making some delicious dinners, and everything else she does, she hasn’t gotten to it yet. She works so hard that she never seems to have time for herself. Maybe today she’ll manage to get to it.

A few blog readers have asked if we still have the leak from our bedroom slide. No. I re-leveled the motorhome and made it just a touch higher on the other side, maybe an inch or so, and it is enough to direct water away from the coach and off the top of the slide.

We’ve taken some time to order a few things from Amazon since we know we’ll be here long enough to get them delivered. Among them are some LED lightbulbs to replace the halogen bulbs in the little spotlights under our Winnebago’s front cabinets, in the light fixture over the table, and some LED tubes to replace some of the fluorescent ones in the front of the rig. And while we were at it, we had them send a new Everpure replacement cartridge water filter for under the kitchen sink.

The battery in my Samsung S5 phone has been going down quicker than it should. A couple of weeks ago Greg White ordered this replacement battery for his phone, and since it was a lot cheaper on Amazon than from Verizon, I ordered one of them, too.

Phone battery

But I stopped before I ordered this DJI Phantom quadcopter even though it would be a great aerial photography platform for my GoPro camera. I mean really, how many toys does a guy need? Well…


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Carol Anne

Thought For The Day – Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and suddenly found yourself wondering, “Who ties your shoelaces for you?”

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  4 Responses to “Raining Sideways”

  1. I haven’t been getting any weaving done either Miss Terry … just too many things need my attention, like cleaning, laundry, burying burnt food.

    Nick, my motto is he who has the most toys is a happy camper!!

  2. Don’t forget, Nick, that you are in a unique position publishing a travel magazine. You can write the cost of your GoPro and the drone off as deductions. Do you remember that stunning picture you had last issue of the RV resort on the Oregon coast that was taken from a lighthouse or something? If you had a camera equipped drone you could do pictures like that for the paper as well as pictures of RV rallies and other places. I am a small business accountant and I have several real estate agents who use them. Totally a deductible business expense!

  3. Andrew is right Nick. I’m in real estate and use a drone all the time to take pics of the houses I have listed. I got audited last year and all I had to do was tell the IRS what I used it for and they had no problem with it.

  4. Well Nick, it would appear to be a no brainer, get that drone on order.

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