Happy Birthday Jan!

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Oct 252015

Before I do anything else, I want to wish our dear friend Jan White a happy birthday. I know there must be a special place in heaven for a woman like Jan, because she’s a saint. I mean, not only does she put up with her hubby Greg, she even tolerates the two of us when we get together. And trust me, that takes some doing! I hope you have a great day Jan, even if you are stuck gate guarding. We look forward to seeing you when we reconnect in a few months.


Except for going outside to take the trash out and get some things out of the motorhome’s storage bays a couple of times, we never left the rig all day yesterday. I managed to aggravate an old back injury a couple of weeks ago and it’s left me feeling downright wimpy. I tried to find a chiropractor here in Newport on Friday, but nobody was open who could get me in. Hopefully it will ease up before too long.

We spent the day doing chores at home, getting a couple of projects accomplished that we haven’t had time to get around to until now, and then Terry made delicious homemade clam chowder for dinner using two pounds of fresh clams she bought at South Beach Fish Market when we stopped there for dinner on Friday night. I’ve had a lot of clam chowder over the years, but there’s no restaurant on the coast that serves anything that comes close to Terry’s.

For most of the time since we’ve gotten back to Newport it is been gray, ugly, and downright cold, and I’m really beginning to feel it. We originally planned to stay here at Thousand Trails for two weeks, but decided to go a week at a time to see how the weather was going to be. At this point I think we will be leaving on Tuesday after all, if not before. We have loved our time on the coast this summer, and overall the weather has been beautiful, but if it’s too cold and damp to enjoy ourselves by being outside I would just as soon start heading south to warmer weather.

The clouds did give us a great photo op Friday night. I stepped outside to take the trash to the dumpster and noticed this tree silhouetted by the rising moon. I grabbed Terry’s Canon PowerShot digital camera and took the first picture, then she upped the ISO (film speed) to 3200 and got the second photo. I don’t know why they call it film speed since digital cameras don’t use film, but whatever, I thought the pictures were pretty cool.

TT Tree

TT tree 2

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A couple of my author friends have books I want to tell you about today. Mona Ingram has just released Forever My Love, the fourth book in her Forever series, on Amazon. A popular and prolific writer, Mona is the author of 27 romance novels, including five novellas. Many of her stories take place in British Columbia, Canada, where she has lived since the age of twelve. Her books are also available on iTunes, Nook, and Kobo.

And if you have a high school or college student in your family who is struggling with a language class, David Cuban has a new book that can help, titled Ten Easy Steps To An “A” In Spanish For College Or For High School. It’s currently free on Amazon for a limited time only.

Thought For The Day – Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. – Shirley MacLaine

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  1. Thank You!! It will be a delightful day…

  2. you missed your chance. Here at the Livin the RV Dream Gathering it has been gorgeous every day, clear skies about 80 and good friends all around. you know you could be in beautiful Florida and not on the cold cloudy rainy northwest coast. .btw happy b-day Jan

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