A Three Hour Tour

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Oct 212015

It’s almost exactly 125 miles from the gate at the Seaside Thousand Trails preserve to the gate at Whalers Rest Thousand Trails, just south of Newport, Oregon. But it’s a slow 125 miles.

Between a lot of twists and turns and road conditions that are often less than perfect, U.S. Highway 101 in Oregon is not a fast route. It took us just about exactly three hours to make the trip yesterday. We pulled out of the Seaside campground a few minutes before 10 AM and got to Whalers Rest at 1 PM. Except for pulling over twice to let other traffic get past us, we didn’t stop anywhere along the route.

It was very foggy when we left Seaside, but cleared up somewhere south of Cannon Beach, though we did run into a smattering rain shower now and then. Part of the route turns inland, away from the coast, and there are a few short climbs and descents, nothing to be concerned about but enough to slow you down. And hold onto the fillings in your teeth because there are some places that will shake them right out!

101 south

When the highway does wander back to the coast and the sun breaks through, the views can be spectacular.

Cloudy coast

There are lots of pullouts along the way so you can get off the road and enjoy the view, take pictures, or just let traffic get past you. Whenever we can we take advantage of them so I don’t have a bunch of impatient drivers behind me.

Pullout small

As you get further south the route parallels the ocean again. On a clear day this is a breathtaking drive, and even on a cloudy day like we had yesterday there is still plenty to admire along the way.

Ocean view small

Eventually we made our way to Newport and across the high Yaquina Bay Bridge. For some reason this one doesn’t bother me. I think because there is enough distance between the roadway and the side rails that I feel like I have a buffer zone.

Yaquina Bay Bridge GoPro 2 small

We had hoped to get the same site in the north campground that we had when we were here in July, but somebody had already taken it. Terry did find us a nice site not too far from it and we got backed in and leveled out with a minimum of effort.

Unfortunately, my rooftop satellite TV dish can’t seem to lock onto a signal so it doesn’t look like we will be watching much television while we’re here. And the cell phone and Internet signal are both terrible. At least we can improve on the Internet problem with the long-range antenna system we came up with during our last visit here. It took us about half an hour to get the mast out of the bay and put the sections together, attach it to our awning arm securely, and we were good to go.
Antenna mounted small

Not having TV kind of sucks because there are a few shows I like to watch and I’m a newshound, but not having the Internet would be a deal breaker for us. We depend on it every day for running our business. There are places we have not visited just because of that. But with the new antenna system some of those are now available for us. For those of you interested, I explained the long range antenna setup in this blog post a while back.

When we arrived at Whalers Rest Miss Terry discovered that a jar of cocoa powder had overturned and spilled some of its contents out, so she had to clean up that mess. Those kind of things happen when you travel in a motorhome sometimes. Every RVer is familiar with opening the refrigerator or medicine cabinet after a day on the road and having an avalanche. It’s just one of the little joys of RV travel.

Four or five people had told me we should try Izzys Buffet when we got to Newport. Apparently it’s a local chain here in Oregon, and they all said I would really enjoy it. They all lied. I think we’ve probably had worse meals someplace, but I’ve eaten better in a foxhole in the rain. The best thing it had going for it was a very nice view of the ocean, and our waitress did a good job of taking care of us. But we won’t be in any hurry to go back. At least I still had some of the delicious chocolate cake Terry made me for my birthday waiting at home for dessert.

The jury is still out on how long we will be here. It looks like the weather may not be as bad as originally forecast; temperatures will still be 59° to 62° for highs for the next week, but it looks like we may not get the daily rain they were talking about. We like Newport and will hang around for a while, but I think we’ve both got a little bit of hitch itch and are ready to be someplace different.

Thought For The Day – You’re never too old to learn something stupid.

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  4 Responses to “A Three Hour Tour”

  1. I’m so surprised more good sites weren’t available, especially at THIS time of year!!

  2. Izzys once was pretty good, it’s claim to fame … a sweet crust pizza. But they are actually kind of a failed chain .. A few still remain open, why I don’t know! The one near us hasn’t remodeled since the late 80s and got its last good cleaning then also.
    The Oregon coast it famous for weather surprises !! Good and bad hopefully a sunny October one is waiting for you!

  3. Just want to let you know, today we went by Morro Bay, and the weather is between 75 to 80 degrees. The sky is nice and blue with no clouds. Let us know when you get down this far, we will be south of Palm Springs for a few weeks before heading back up to Washington for Christmas this year. Cyndy won and we are going home to see the kids, or should I say the grand kids!!!!!

  4. Hey Nick, try the Chowder Bowl down on Nye Beach, you wont be disappointed. On Veterans Day they used to have free meal for veterans if you are still around. this is my favorite place for fish and chips and clam chowder. it is usually always very busy so go early if you can. I am surprised you arent getting any TV there usually there is several over the air channels that come thru in Newport area.

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