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Sep 192015

Before I came into her life and carried her away, kicking and screaming, to spend our days wandering America’s highways and byways, Terry lived in a cozy little cabin in Arizona’s White Mountains that was filled with antiques. She had everything from curved glass-fronted Hoosier cabinets to an impressive collection of oil lamps. But these days I’m the only antique she has. Even though we don’t have room for antiques in our motorhome, we still enjoy wandering through antique stores wherever we are.

Though the antiques are a thing of the past, no pun intended, Terry has a lot of other interests that have worked out well with our fulltime RV lifestyle, including weaving, spinning, cooking, and kite flying. Now she has found a way to blend two of them together.

She has always loved antique doorknobs, so we picked up a few recently and bought a three foot long steel rod. Yesterday I cut the rod into three almost equal lengths with my Dremel tool, the only power tool I’m allowed to play with, and Terry mounted these doorknobs on them to make custom kite stakes to stick in the ground to hold our kite handles when we’re flying our Revolution quad line kites. I think they’re pretty cool.

Kite stakes small

Kite stakes 2 small

We’ve only got a few days left here on the Long Beach Peninsula, and then we’ll go back to Seaside, Oregon for a while before we start making our way down the coast. People keep e-mailing to ask us why we have not left yet, because the doomsayers are predicting a major earthquake “someday.” They were talking about this back in the late 70s when I was in the newspaper business here, and when Mount St. Helens blew, they were screaming it was going to happen at any second.

And it didn’t and life went on, and before long there was a new catastrophe to worry about. There’s always a new catastrophe to worry about. Yes, there probably will be a major quake here someday. Or a tsunami. Or something terrible. And yes, I’m going to die of something someday. Maybe today or tonight, or next week, or 20 years from now. But in the meantime I’m not going to stop living because I’m too worried about dying.

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BACA Cover

Thought For The Day – I bought a time machine but it won’t be here until last month.

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  1. What you mean your time machine won’t be here till the last month which I find rather funny. Obviously you didn’t use your prime membership at Amazon!

  2. Nice kite stakes!!! Great job Miss Terry!!! And Nick for not cutting his fingers off!! LOL

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