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Sep 112015

It’s always been a joke with us that the crazies of the world seem to seek me out. I’ve long believed that there is a secret organization called the National Coalition of the Weird and Strange, and that one of the criteria for membership is that you have to come and mess with my mind before you can join. I’ve shared some of the letters to the editor I get with you, and people sometimes accuse me of making them up because they don’t think people can really be that dumb. But the truth is, sure they can!

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I got an e-mail yesterday from somebody who, like a lot of our readers, has a map of the states on their motorhome. (I’m sure you’ve seen them.) And the big debate is always when can you fill in a state sticker? Some people say you have to have spent the night in the state to qualify, while others say that as long as you’ve driven through the state in your RV, go ahead and put the sticker for that state on your map. I still believe the best idea is that you can only put the sticker on for a state after you’ve had nookie in it, as an older lady suggested at an RV park one time. Hey it’s your RV, it’s your map, do whatever you want to do.

At least I thought so until yesterday, when the person e-mailed me to say that this discussion came up at the campground where they are staying, and as always, there were half a dozen different opinions about when you are “supposed” to put the sticker on the map. They said they told the group that as long as they drove through a state, even in their car, they put the sticker on. This apparently really ticked off one couple there who told him that that was wrong. And then, a little while later, the campground manager came to his RV laughing, and told him that the other couple had reported them for being fraudulent people and demanded they be ejected from the campground. Like I said folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten me. Wednesday night I got a porn instant message from somebody I know from Facebook. Since that isn’t the kind of thing he would be sending, I sent him a private message saying that I thought his account had been hacked, and that I had received a porn message from someone claiming to be him. I got a nasty reply from him the next morning telling me that he was a minister and would never send something like that, and how dare I even suggest that he would! Then he unfriended and blocked me. I guess that’s what you call killing the messenger.

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Thought For The Day – Some days, solitary confinement seems more like paradise than punishment!

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  4 Responses to “It’s Not Just Me”

  1. Truth be told there is such an organization; the National Institute of Crazies & Kooks, or N.I.C.K.

  2. Me thinks he protests too much! Guilty conscience?

  3. I didn’t know that there were RV map police, but there must be. Some people take everything too seriously.

  4. This was one,,,,,no , THE funniest blog you have posted for quite q while.
    All “ol popeye can think of to say about it is…………
    Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh

    I also liked Sandi S’ suggestion that the N.I.C.K. organisation was responsible.
    More giggles on that !

    Now , about those maps , I totally agree with you. They’re just maps. Fill them in any way you want. I think I might get one and leave it blank . Keeps everyone guessing !

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