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Sep 092015

We left the Seaside Thousand Trails at 10 yesterday morning, with Terry at the wheel of the motorhome. We had a short run of about 35 miles to the Long Beach, Washington Thousand Trails preserve, but since that involved driving over the long, high Astoria-Megler Bridge, I was delegated to the role of navigator and sniveler.

One of the things I like about Oregon is that when their truck weigh stations are closed, they leave the scales on. This makes it convenient for RVers to pull in and check their rig’s weight. There is a weigh station just north of Seaside, so I had Terry pull in. Of course, just like when I get on our bathroom scale, I wished we hadn’t, for the very same reason.

First we stopped with just the front wheels on the scale and we were at 12,050 pounds. The scales are big enough to fit our 40 foot coach, so we pulled forward until just the rear wheels were on the scale, and we are at 22,150 pounds.

Our coach is rated for 12,000 pounds on the front, so we’re not bad there. For the rear axle, the rating is 20,000 pounds. So just like me, our motorhome has too much weight in its butt. Part of that is because our freshwater tank is full, as was our fuel tank, and part of it is poor design, because our basement air conditioner, starting batteries, and house batteries are all on the passenger side rear of the motorhome.

Nonetheless, it’s time to do some sorting and disposing of things. As full timers, every year or so we go through the closets, cupboards, and storage bays and purge things we haven’t used in a long time. To that end, the backend of our Ford Explorer is now loaded with several bags of books that we will drop off at the local book exchange.

When we arrived at Long Beach there were two empty RV sites facing the overflow/tent camping area, which is where we prefer to be. However one was a bit too short to be comfortable with our rig, and the grumpy neighbor at the other had an aggressive Rottweiler that growled and snarled at me all the while I was checking out the site. It was on a chain, but I didn’t think I really want the dog (or its owner) as my neighbor.

We looked around a little bit and found a very nice couple on the other side of the campground who told us they were just pulling out, so after chatting with them for a few moments we pulled in when they left. Unfortunately, a tree blocked our rooftop satellite TV dish. Well that’s not going to work! So we looked some more and found another site that gave us a clear shot at the sky. It’s only 30 amps, but the weather is comfortable here so we don’t really need 50 amps.

The road through the center section of the campground can get really narrow with cars parked on both sides, and sometimes backing a big rig into a campsite can be a challenge.

Long Beach interior road small

But with Terry’s expert directions, we got it in. It did take two or three adjustments to avoid hitting the cars across from us, but before long we were parked and hooked up.

Winnie Long Beach September 2015 small

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize we were in the handicapped parking area. There were no signs to indicate such, but I’m assuming it’s true because all the neighbors seem to be hearing impaired. They all have yappy little dogs that never shut up, and the owners must be deaf because they don’t seem to hear anything. That, or they’re just inconsiderate idiots. I guess that’s possible, too!

We have driven by Chen’s Chinese Restaurant many times when visiting Long Beach and finally decided to give it a try yesterday, based upon a recommendation from two different people at Seaside. Now we are kicking ourselves for waiting so long! Our waiter was a very nice young man with a good sense of humor, the restaurant was very clean, and the service was fast. Our food was excellent. I had my standard fried rice and it was good as any I’ve had anywhere. Miss Terry ordered shrimp special noodle chow mein and said it as the best Chinese food she had in a long, long time. And that’s saying a lot, because we eat at Chinese restaurants at least two or three times a month! We will definitely be going back again while we’re here.

I thought that this late in the season the campground would be less busy, but the big Rod Run to the End of the World is this weekend and the ranger told me at check in that it will be a madhouse here and in town. Since I was into classic cars before we hit the road, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the nice rides.

Thought For The Day – Be kind to nurses. They choose your catheter size.

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  3 Responses to “Handicapped Parking”

  1. I can’t believe they let that guy have a rottweiler, but then it’s Long Beach Thousand Trails and I’m sorry you have too much weight in the butt … it’s so hard to get rid of!!

  2. It’s been my experience that anyone who owns a dog small enough to carry under their arm, are stone deaf !!!!

  3. “” They all have yappy little dogs that never shut up, and the owners must be deaf because they don’t seem to hear anything. “”

    Seems I’m condemned to live in the same place… sigh.

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