A Busy Saturday

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Sep 132015

No matter what part of the country we are in, we would have to work very hard to be bored because there are never enough hours in a day to cram in everything we want to do. Yesterday was a typically busy day for us.

We started out with a visit to Purley Shell Fiber Arts in Ilwaco, a very nice yarn shop that is run by a friendly mother and daughter team. We weren’t actually there to buy yarn, but rather to give some yarn away. Terry has been going through her stash of different kinds of yarns and found a lot of skeins of acrylic she’s been carrying around for a long time that she’s never going to use. The folks at Purley Shell are launching an afterschool program to teach kids how to knit, and they will be making hats and other items for the homeless and elderly in the area, so the yarn will go to a good cause.

Every Saturday from May – September they have a farmers market on the waterfront in Ilwaco, so we spent some time checking out the vendors.

Ilwaco farmers market small

Terry always likes checking out the produce.

Ilwaco farmers market produce small

And these woven baskets caught her eye.

Ilwaco baskets small

Ilwaco is a busy fishing port and you can buy fresh caught seafood right off the boat or at shops on the docks.

Ilwaco Marina small

This little boat caught my eye for some reason.

Ilwaco boat small

We’ve been wanting to visit the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco and yesterday seemed like a good day for it and I’m glad we did! The museum has displays on everything from the local Indians to the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Coast Guard, loggers, and shipwrecks. It’s definitely worth a stop when you’re in the area.

Ilwaco museum gallery

We stopped at home for a few minutes, then about 4 p.m. we drove into Long Beach to meet up with a bunch of Revolution kite flyers. John Barresi, the king of kite flying, was holding a Revolution workshop that was wrapping up and I got to meet several people I know from the Kite Life online forum. You have to figure that a professional kite flyer like John would have this license plate, right?

Kites license plate small

There were a few kites in the air, but in spite of a weather report of 10-14 mile per hour winds, there was hardly a breeze. We managed to launch our kites a few times but couldn’t keep them in the air. Before long even the experienced flyers were putting their kites away so we called it a day. Maybe today will be better. I hope so, because we’re supposed to have rain most of this coming week. But rain or shine we’ll have plenty to keep us busy.

Flying Revs small

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Thought For The Day – When life closes a door, open it again. It’s a door, that’s how they work.

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