Where Went The Wind?

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Aug 112015

I know, that title’s probably not proper English, and if I gave it some thought I could have done better. But what can I say? I’m a rebel.

Now, back to the wind. Where the heck did it go? How can I fly my kites without any wind? Wasn’t that the purpose of spending our summer on the coast? The only windy day we’ve had in a week was Saturday, when it was cold and rainy. I’m about to break into a snivel, and we all know how ugly that can be.

I’ve been taking advantage of the calm days to work on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and yesterday was a twelve hour marathon, only stopping for an occasional potty break and to eat the delicious pizza Miss Terry made for dinner. By the time I knocked off about 11 p.m. I had 20 pages finished.

Actually, I did stop long enough to go up to the campground office to pick up the Karcher K 2.27 pressure washer I had ordered from Amazon. Greg White bought one a while back and says it works really well, but he’s getting stubborn in his old age and I can’t get him to leave Alabama and come up here to wash our motorhome with his. So I bought one for Miss Terry so she can do it herself. Am I a great husband or what?


Today we are meeting blog readers Paul and Nina Fussing for lunch at The Lost Roo. They publish the Wheeling it blog and are volunteering at the lighthouse at nearby Cape Disappointment State Park. Can you think of a better gig than living and working at a lighthouse? I sure can’t!

This afternoon I’ll be back at my desk working away. Unless, of course, the wind comes back. Then the kites are coming out of the bag and all bets are off. A fellow does have to play once in a while, right?

Thought For The Day – I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. – Mark Twain

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  4 Responses to “Where Went The Wind?”

  1. Gotta admit….LOVE your sniveling! Yep! Brings me a smile each time I read it! I too am a sniveler…..We should start the “Sniveling Club.”

  2. No wind is a sign form the supreme being that fat old men should not be flying kites. JUST KIDDING.

  3. Stand in front of a politician and you’ll have all the wind you could ask for!

  4. I’m all about the “Sniveling Club”…sounds like a winner to me. We can all take turns sniveling about something. As Gilda said…”It’s always somethin’!” and it usually seems to warrant a good snivel.

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