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Aug 012015

We have not had much going on for the last couple of days, and that’s okay, too. Every day can’t be a round of sightseeing and adventuring. Sometimes the quiet times are the best ones.

We had hoped to get some kite flying in on Thursday afternoon, and we met Nancy Kissack at the beach about 2:30. But even thought the winds were supposed to be in the 14-18 mile per hour range, when we got there, the best my WeatherFlow wind meter was showing was 4-6, with an occasional bump up as far as 8 mph for a half minute or so. That wasn’t enough to make breaking our Revolution kites out of their bags. But we had a nice time just sitting and chatting and enjoying the day.

Back at home I spent some time working on my new book, and Terry made a delicious spaghetti dinner with homemade sauce. I ate way too much, but it was too good not to!

Yesterday was another writing day for me. I’m getting very close to wrapping up this one, and I’d like to get it done and into proofing and editing stage before I start working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal.

While I was doing that, Terry was weaving. I asked her which she liked more, weaving or flying kites, and she said that wasn’t a fair question. I guess it’s like asking somebody which of their kids they like most.

About 4 p.m. we drove to Camp 18 Restaurant to meet Dan and Patty Chance and Nancy for dinner. We first visited this popular logging themed restaurant with our friends Dan and Jenny Sheppard a couple of years ago. The grounds have all kinds of neat old logging equipment on display, from bulldozers to steam engines.

Steam engine

There is also a memorial to loggers who worked the Northwest woods over the years.

Loggers Memorial

Unfortunately, our waiter was having a bad day. First he got Nancy’s salad order wrong, and then when Dan and I got our steaks, both were well done instead of medium and medium rare as requested. We sent them back and the next ones he brought out were too rare. But by that time the ladies were all well into their meals, so we ate them as they were. Everything was good, though I’d have to say not as good as on our first visit. Don’t you hate it when you tell friends about a great place to eat and it doesn’t measure up?

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Thought For The Day – I don’t understand your specific kind of crazy, but I do admire your total commitment to it.

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  1. Nick I was just reading an interesting article on Microsoft 10
    I would highly suggest it anybody that is going to use Microsoft read this article before they downloaded 10? it ,,,,,,,,,,, it’s downright scary,,,,,,,
    You think you had a little bit of privacy before you go to heck of a lot less now unless you follow terms and condition where you can opt out

    Cut and paste this

    Using Windows 10? Microsoft Is Watching

    This article was fromNewsweek? – 9 hours ago
    Tucked away in Microsoft’s terms and conditions is a substantial power grab.

  2. Hi I am an old friend of Jenny shappard (nee Shaftner). I went to High school with her and have lost her email address. Could you let her know her Canadian friend is trying to contact her

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