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Aug 262015

Our three weeks at the Long Beach Thousand Trails ended yesterday and we moved about 35 miles south back to Seaside, which is one of our favorite parks in the entire Thousand Trails system.

We had one of the nicest sites at Long Beach, where most RV sites are very tight and their weird utility setup has even numbered sites connecting normally, but odd numbered sites are parked in such a way that the electric cable, water and sewer hoses are on the passenger side and you have to run everything under your RV to reach them. and because we were on the outside edge of the campground we had this view instead of other RVs parked just across from us.

Long Beach field small

Which is probably why, starting Monday afternoon, people were coming by to ask what time we would be leaving the next morning because they wanted to move to our site. And yesterday morning I had more people stopping to ask when I would be leaving. I was having flashbacks to my first marriage. And my second!

I wasn’t getting in the middle of that and just said we’d be leaving about 10 a.m. It was actually about 9:30 when we left the campground and I don’t know who won the race to our old site. We stopped at the Texaco, which had easy big rig access, and filled our tank at $2.99 a gallon for diesel.

All the while I was telling myself that I could drive over the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Terry does it. Nancy Kissack does it. And they’re girls! If they can do it, I sure can, too. I used to jump out of airplanes and stand in the open doors of Huey helicopters. How hard could it be do drive over a bridge? I couldn’t tell you, because Terry drove.

Crossing bridge small

At least I didn’t snivel, and I even kept my eyes open to take pictures of some of the many boats salmon fishing on the Columbia River.

Salmon fishing boats small

Salmon fishing boats 2 small

This is the busy marina in Astoria, Oregon taken from the bridge.

Astoria marina small

For years Astoria was a busy fishing town, and seafood canneries lined the waterfront. Today many of those old buildings have been converted to restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Cannery Pier small

It took us about 45 minutes to get to Seaside, and though the park was busy, Terry quickly found us a very nice site in the north campground. It’s a nicely landscaped back-in, full hookup with 50 amp electric, and is right across from the swimming pool. We have a clear view of the sky for our rooftop satellite TV dish and good 4G Verizon service.

Winnie Seaside second trip small

The only drawback is that there is a fifth wheel parked next to us with a whole passel of noisy kids. Even at 9 p.m. they were making so much noise inside the trailer that we could hear them in our motorhome with the doors and windows closed and the TV on. Yeah, I know, I’ve become a grouchy old fart. What’s your point?

Thought For The Day – If it’s the thought that counts, I should probably be in jail.

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  5 Responses to “Back To Seaside”

  1. That makes two of us!! LOL Hopefully they leave soon. Enjoy your stay!!

  2. Nick, you should get a bigger diesel tank. Just say it for $2.299 in AJ yesterday !!!

  3. Glad you made it back down in one piece. As my Friend Glen says it’s almost Nomad Liberation Day…ermm I mean Back To School. Shouldn’t be long now.


  4. Kids!! Best enjoyed after a looooong, slow turning over a HOT bed of coals.

  5. Finally, another grouchy old fart! Be proud, we’re a rare breed. I’ve been working on this all my life. I’m not quite there yet but rest assured I’m gaining on it! Hope you and Miss Terry have a wonderful day.

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