All Washed Up

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Aug 212015

After months of nursing it along, last summer the Splendide washer/dryer combo that came with our motorhome when it was built in 2002 gave up the ghost and we went to RV Parts Nation in Elkhart, Indiana and replaced it with the newest model Splendide2100XC.

The new one has more bells and whistles than the original one did, and until the last few days it has worked fine, but with the last two or three loads of laundry Terry has done, it has not dried completely. In fact, it would just stop working and all of the lights would start flashing at once.

This can be a sign that lint has built up in the vent hose, which is easy to clean out with this vent cleaning system.

Lint cleaner

But after trying that with no success, it was time to go to Plan B. I wasn’t sure what Plan B was, but that’s okay, Miss Terry had it handled. This model does not come with the traditional lint trap that the older unit had, and apparently it can build up in the outer drum cylinder and cause problems.

A while back somebody sent her a step-by-step self-cleaning process, which is supposed to be repeated three times, and even though Terry is methodical about cleaning things, and uses vinegar in every load, we were amazed at how much lint came out the first time around. Hopefully this will solve the problem for a while.

Yesterday we went back to the kite festival for a while. There wasn’t much wind, and not nearly as many kites in the air as on previous days. Some folks were trying to get this colorful one up. It reminded me of those strips of paper with candy dots on them they sold when I was a kid.

Candy strip kite small

We got to meet Lolly Hadzicki, one of the owners of Revolution Kite Company, and had a nice visit with her. She’s a real sweetheart and invited us to stop and tour their operation in Poway, California whenever we’re in the area. We always enjoy factory tours so we’re looking forward to it.

Lolly Hadzicki small

Terry really liked this custom Rev that somebody launched in a brief wind gust. I think she loves kite flying as much as I do, if not more.

Spiral Rev small

Hopefully the wind will be back today because I’m going through kite withdrawals.

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Before I close for today, I want to thank everybody who purchased my new book, Big Lake Reckoning, and posted links on Facebook. It’s already climbing up the charts and I appreciate your support.

Big Lake Reckoning

Thought For The Day – At my funeral, everyone gets a stun gun. The last one standing gets all of my stuff.

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  5 Responses to “All Washed Up”

  1. Ok Nick, you may be my lifesaver today. Splendide installed in 2006 not drying properly. I cleaned out all lint in all recommend places, no change. Called Splendide and they recommend getting a service tech in to check it. Before trying to find one while we are on the road I would love to try Terry’s solution. Could you post a link for me? Thanks.

  2. Yes, could you post the cleaning method. We also have a Splendide in our 2009 Newmar Grand Star. Thanks!

  3. She’s doing some laundry today. If the self-cleaning process worked, I’ll post in in tomorrow’s blog.

  4. The new book is just as great as the one’s that came before it. A very good read,could not put it down.

  5. We had the same problem and would love to here your plan B. We tried something different for plane B, I hocked up the shop vac and put in the exhaust port of the dryer vent on the machine. Then put a towel around it so that it would only draw through the machine while I put on the dry cycle and let it run for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that I could feel the dryer pushing air a lot better.. Today Cyndy is getting almost all the laundry done we have not had any more problems. Hope this helps.

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