The Dead Zone

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Jul 072015

We really like the Elks lodge campground here in Florence, Oregon. The sites are roomy, the place is very clean, the power is good, and everybody is friendly. But it’s an internet dead zone.

The Verizon signal on our cell phones and air card are very, very flakey, and getting online is really difficult. Staying on is even harder. They have free WiFi here with several repeaters located around the campground, and we can log onto them, but when we try to go online we get kicked off. So checking e-mail or anything else is just about impossible.

For a lot of RVers that’s not a big deal, but we run a business on the road and connectivity is a major issue for us. You’d be surprised how upset people get when they place an order or make an inquiry and don’t get a timely response.

While some sites in the campground allow satellite TV reception, our dish is blocked by trees. Fortunately I have over 7,000 songs on my iPod and we stick it on our Bose and have great tunes to listen to.

Today we’re headed for Whalers Rest Thousand Trails near Newport, and I have heard the internet reception there is just as bad. My buddy Greg White used this Wilson directional antenna when he and Jan were gate guarding in Texas and Greg said he was able to pick up cell towers 20 miles away. I may order one from Amazon and see if that does any good.

Wilson Outside Antenna small

Since it was our last day in Florence we went into town and spent a couple of hours wandering around on the waterfront, poking our heads into some of the small shops and enjoying the scenery. I’d like to have a pontoon boat someday, but I think this handsome three-masted ship if way out of my league and I darned sure know it’s out of my price range!

Florence ship small

Terry always likes checking out produce stands and there was one on the waterfront where she got some delicious cherries, plums, nectarines, squash, and other goodies.

Florence fruit stand small

This is the Siuslaw River Bridge. I’ve driven over it many times and never even snivel because it’s not too high or too narrow or too long. We need more bridges like that.

Siuslaw River Bridge Florence small

And here is the best thing I saw all day. It sure is wonderful being married to your best friend.

Terry Florence Oregon small

We did get enough of a telephone signal for Terry’s mom to call from Arizona yesterday morning to tell us that their home in Apache Junction had been burglarized while they were staying in their fifth wheel in the White Mountains. None of us are safe from the maggots who are too lazy to work and prey on others instead.

Terry and I have talked about someday getting a place in Florida to use as a winter base and traveling in the summer, but one major concern is the worry that the same thing would happen to us. Of course, it can happen in an RV too, as we well know from our own experience of returning to the motorhome one night and finding a burglar inside. At least that fine young man went back to the prison he had recently been paroled from after getting the seven bones I broke in his hand and wrist mended. I’d like to do the same to the creep or creeps who broke into Terry’s parents house, too.

Thought For The Day – Political correctness equals an inability to think for oneself.Political correctness equals an inability to think for oneself.

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  7 Responses to “The Dead Zone”

  1. Our park (Santa Fe) has been hit by thieves this summer also. They got into four sheds but the only thing we know they took was a couple of bikes, a TV, and a small refrigerator. It really is frustrating.

  2. Sorry to hear about Terry’s parents house. That was always a concern to us before we went full time. Fortunately we had a great next door neighbor and our son lived a couple miles away but we still thought about it all the time. It was a great relief to sell the house.

  3. David & I stayed at Whaler’s Rest in June 2013. We were given a pull-thru on site 142. The section we were in had some trees around us and we had trouble, too, with the Internet. A few times a day we walked to the ‘NCH’ Adult Lodge (not far from the RV) and did our Internet. Yes, it was a pain, but we managed. I do not think Whaler’s Rest has any good Internet RV spots. We are sorry to hear about Terry’s parents house problem.

  4. Nick I know you’ve been to Whaler’s Rest before and probably already have a feeling for the ability to use the internet. We found it very hard to access. I don’t think Greg’s setup would help you much here as there are just too many trees and one section of the park is very hilly.

  5. That’s not something anyone would want happened to their home however there are other alternatives and no you can’t set exploding booby-traps
    But now that the horse is out of the barn one might want to think linked home security setup and or video Break link to your phone
    as well as numerous break-in monitors and noisemakers it sounds like you’ve been to any Chucky cheeses kids birthday party trust me that will guarantee to wake up the dead
    And as an AT&T subscriber I had lousy service from Newport to Crescent city
    That was about as frustrating as a chunky cheese kids birthday party as well
    At least without TV you don’t get love of my life secret storm edge of night general hospital guiding light judge Judy Maury Povich Ellen DeGeneres Tyra Banks show but however you get to spend more quality bonding time with the most important person in the world
    Enjoy your day

  6. Great pic of your beautiful wife( our beautiful daughter

  7. Sorry to hear about your in-laws home…so maddening…makes you wish they would ship these creeps off to some island to all live together so the rest of us could live in peace!!

    We are currently in a sweet B&B in Astoria…but today we went past the little town of Rainier…and ate at the best little café we have eaten at in years!! AWESOME homecooked food….family run!! It is called Cornerstone Café…I think tonight we are eating at that Golden Luck Café you told about too…yum!!

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