Moving Day

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Jul 052015

Our two weeks at the South Jetty Thousand Trails preserve is over and today is moving day for us. I can’t say that we’re sad to be leaving, and I doubt we’ll return to this campground again anytime soon.

The campground is heavily treed, which makes satellite TV reception iffy at best and only has a few full hookup RV sites. We were lucky enough to find a full hookup site in the A section up front, but could not get a shot at the sky through the trees from our automatic rooftop satellite dish. But the real problem is all of the tree stumps and roots everywhere that make this section of the campground look like a war zone and make driving a big rig, or even walking, a challenge.

Stump 3 small

Roots small

A couple of years ago they cut down a bunch of trees but left the stumps. I have heard from a couple of RVers who have banged up their rigs trying to get in or out of a campsite.

rear small

Side small

Besides which, it’s just ugly. This isn’t exactly the picture Thousand Trails has in their sales brochures, is it?

Stump small

RV site stumps small

While we don’t like South Jetty, we definitely like the friendly little community of Florence and will be hanging around for a couple more days. Today’s trip will only be a little over seven miles to the Elks lodge campground on the north side of town. I’m, not sure what kind of internet service we’ll have there since when we visited our friend Nancy Kissack there a few days ago I only had one bar of signal on my cell phone.

When we leave the Elks campground on Tuesday, we’re moving up the coast to Whalers Rest Thousand Trails in Newport for a two week stay. Every report I have had from there is that we will have little or no Verizon service, so posting the blog will be a challenge, but I’ll get it done one way or another. I’d miss visiting with all of you every morning.

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Thought For The Day – Having children is genetic. Chances are that if your parents didn’t have any children, you won’t either.

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  5 Responses to “Moving Day”

  1. Yes, getting an internet signal is a challenge at Whaler’s Rest. If you’re on the hill on the north side of the road (other side from where the registration is) you might have a shot. We were in a heavily treed area and satellite and internet was almost non-existent. Good luck.

  2. My Sprint MiFi doesn’t work so good but the Elks internet is excellent. My AT&T phone is a no-go. All I have is “No Service”!! I hear if you have anyone else however, the service works the closer to the multi-purpose room you are.

  3. We’ll miss you too – gotta have my daily Nick fix. 🙂

  4. According to an article about 5 years ago in the Wall Street Journal (or was it the Washington Post?), the USA ranks 23rd in the world in Internet service quality, and ranks #1 in Internet service cost.

    As we celebrate our independence this weekend it is fitting to note that, as predicted by George Washington (in his farewell address) and Thomas Jefferson, the banking and corporate oligarchs and plutocrats now have a greater stranglehold on us than the royal tyrants that our forefathers came here to escape.

  5. We agree with you about South Jetty and probably won’t go back. We were unable to get a sewer hookup which makes for short showers and paper plates. And of course the satellite was not operable and we have a carry out one. We found the personnel not at all friendly or helpful but it was earlier in the season so maybe that is the reason. Too many other good places to go.

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