Jul 122015

Yesterday was a gray, dreary day with light showers on and off all day long. It would have been a good day to sleep in, then spend the rest of our time writing and weaving, and that’s what we had planned on doing. But we had a change of plans.

As I said in yesterday’s blog, when our new Wilson Electronics Directional Antenna  and cable came from Amazon, connectors on the coax fit the antenna but not my Wilson signal amplifier, and nobody in Newport had the necessary adapter to make it work. I tried calling Radio Shack, but all of them on the Oregon coast seem to have gone out of business.

Then I discovered the Electronics Superstore in Lincoln City, which is part of Lincoln City Sporting Goods. I called and talked to the owner, who told me he had bought out the inventory of the Radio Shack in Newport when it closed. He said they had a ton of Wilson Electronics stuff, so we decided to drive the 20 miles to Lincoln City to check it out.

My buddy Greg White would love this place. They do indeed have a ton of new and used electronics gear; every kind of cable, plug, wire, gadget, gizmo, and adapter you could ever want or hope to find. Including the exact adapter I needed!

But that’s not all. It’s also a gun shop with a very nice inventory. Are you looking for a new or used pistol, a hunting rifle, or an AR-15? They’ve got them and more. I saw a rifle there I almost bought, but as it turns out, even though the government thought I could be trusted with a machine gun when I was an eighteen year old kid, as a soon to be 63 year old man I can’t be, since we use a mail forwarding service and don’t have a residential address that somebody can walk up to and knock on the door. Hell, I didn’t have one of those back when I was a young soldier, either!

From there, we stopped at Ace Hardware to get the material needed to set up a post to hold the new antenna and then stopped at a kite shop. I sure don’t need another kite but Lincoln City is one of the meccas for kite fliers, so it only seemed right to check it out.

Years ago we discovered Pier 101 in Lincoln City, which I’d venture to say serves some of the best seafood you’ll find anywhere, and whenever we’re in the area we make it a point to have dinner there. This is the Seafood Combination, which is served in a wicker basket and includes fish, scallops, shrimp, baked oysters, and steamer clams. And it tasted even better than it looks!

Seafood basket small

Terry chose the crab cakes, which she said were excellent. But she didn’t really care for the clam chowder, which was very thick.

Crab cakes

Besides the great food, I like the sense of humor this place has, as evidenced by these signs on the outside of the building.

No poodles small

No Yuppie food

Today we’ll properly mount the new antenna and set up the coax, instead of the cobbled together makeshift way I have it set up now. After that we may do that writing and weaving we planned on doing yesterday.

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Thought For The Day – I’m not a procrastinator. I’m just extremely productive at unimportant things.

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  2 Responses to “Day Trip To Lincoln City”

  1. Well if I remember correctly that you said you bought a new KITE(s) bag to put all your kites in,,, One always has more room for one more kite (s)
    Now you need to think kite sled with all sorts of laundry Or maybe a 30 foot spinner and that comes in its own bag,, it wouldn’t take up much room in the back of the ford
    And the electric / sports place is an awesome store if you feel you want to send something to an address with a door on it let me know,, you can use mine,,, i’ll even do quality-control For you ??
    Joy your day

  2. Cooked peas came on the salad? Yuck. Never seen that in any restaurant, but the seafood looks delish!

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