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Jul 212015

Somebody sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that he was tired of hearing about kite flying and seeing pictures of kites, that this is an RV blog and that’s all he wants to read about.

Sorry, but it’s my blog about our life as fulltime RVers and we don’t spend every minute of every day traveling in our RV or playing tourist. I don’t know any fulltimers who do that. At least not after the first year or so. Looking at the world through a windshield wears you out pretty quickly. Most fulltimers who have been out here a while enjoy traveling, but they also enjoy stopping in places they like and hanging out and having fun, which is what we’re doing this summer.

How do you like our new look? No, we have not become banditos and we won’t be knocking over any banks. These are neck gaiters that have built in UV protection and are worn to protect us from the sun’s damaging rays. Having undergone a harsh chemical peel for skin cancer two years ago, I’m in no hurry to repeat that ordeal. With this, sunglasses, and my faithful old Tilley hat I’m well protected in the great outdoors.

Banditos small

We were back on the beach for about three hours yesterday. The wind was light so we did not break out the new vented kites we bought Sunday, but instead I flew my standard Revolution 1.5 SLE and Miss Terry flew her Revolution EXP. Using the tips we got from our new friend Terry Rowley the other day, we had a great time and feel like we have come a long way in mastering some of the basic maneuvers.

As in most things in life, Miss Terry made it look easy the way her kite flew and turned so smoothly. In fact, so much so that when a man walking his dog on the beach stopped to watch and I told him that this was only her fourth time flying, he didn’t believe me.

Back at home I worked my way through the day’s accumulation of e-mail while Terry did a load of laundry, then made dinner and a delicious fresh fruit filled humble pie for dessert.

Today we are leaving Whalers Rest Thousand Trails and driving 125 miles north up the coast to the Seaside Thousand Trails preserve. Nancy Kissack and Dan and Patty Chance made the trip yesterday and said that it took them about three hours between the road conditions and construction, so we plan to get an earlier start than usual. Hopefully we’ll be able to snag a nice site when we get there. Nancy said it was really busy.

We have really enjoyed our two weeks here in Newport and are looking forward to getting back here again. It’s been a highlight of our years on the road.

Thought For The Day – Political correctness equals an inability to think for oneself. Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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  14 Responses to “Banditos”

  1. Just to let you know, I for one really enjoy reading about your kites! You’ve inspired me to try it, but not sure if I could handle one at my age (almost 80!) but intend to try. I have a little “kiddie” type, the kind we all flew as kids. Do you thinkt that would be a good one to start out with, or should I get something different? Thanks again for your blogs, Nick. I start my day with it every morning.

  2. I’m in total agreement that as the writer of the blog you have the right to post whatever you so choose on it. It may have started out as an RV based post but like you said it’s about your life and if that person doesn’t like it “Oh Well”!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Nick,
    I am another one who totally enjoys your blog, whether it be kite flying, The spinning wheel, recipes and food or RV related information!!! Your blog is a real blessing to many of us out here.

    I have personally learned so much and what a blessing to have someone that will actually answer your email when you pose a question. THANK YOU for that!
    Keep on doing what you both do. We love ya and read you every morning.

  4. Norma,
    It’s a good one to start with, though it may get boring since ones it’s in the air all you can do is look at is, as compared to doing in actual flight maneuvers that you can with dual and quad line kites.

  5. Oh my god,,,you’re BALD,,,, I’ve never seen that side of you before
    Tell tham if they don’t like it,,, they can go fly a kite,,,
    And as for you 2 I vote go fly a kite and enjoy your day

  6. I love your blog no matter what you write, if people don’t like what you write then don’t read it. Liked the picture of the two of you as Bandits, now if you decide to rob a bank, can you get me enough to buy a new coach lol. Grand National started today and I have run into folks again who remember me from the Gypsy rallies, and they ask me when are you going to do it again. My answer is ask NIck. be safe on yoiur journy.

  7. Why does one person have to spoil it for all the rest. Keep your blog just like you have been, 99.9% all enjoy it. I, too, have enjoyed all your ventures with your kites.

  8. Hey Nick, I love the new look. LOL
    You have piqued my interest in Kite Flying and I may have to give it a shot over at S. Padre Island while we are in the Rio Grande Valley this coming winter.
    Have a great day!
    Ed & Marilyn

  9. People are something else…heh, oh well more fodder for your book writing, correct? Don’t need to make up much…just collect what crosses your pathway!! Amazing… to think someone would tell you what not to write about when there is nothing wrong with it morally or otherwise… Have fun at Seaside…we were there with friends almost 2 wks ago…that and Cannon Beach…fun towns for a bit. Their clan rented a huge house overlooking the ocean…we spent some time chatting and enjoying the scenery too.

  10. Nik I have a idea. Reply back Mr Knowkite and tell him a little link that he can learn to do his own blog. He can title it ” Don’t know s**t about Rv’s so tell me Stories”.
    Your blog is great and I pick up a few pointers or good info each week. Keep up the good work its your lives that we get share with you very day. We Thank You for sharing.

  11. LOL, don’t you just love the way some people want you to live your life for them….
    Bought my first kite after your first blogs last year on kite flying.Still trying to master it. I need flying lessons.

  12. The only thing I don’t like about your daily blog is that I sorely miss Bad Nick but that is okay for now because Trump is a good substitute for a while.


  13. X2 on what Bob & Jo Baskerville say. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it!

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