Jun 222015

Terry says today is just another day. Not to me it isn’t. Today is her birthday, and after all these years, I still don’t understand why this beautiful, talented woman is with a flawed troll like me. But I’m grateful she is, every minute of my life. Happy birthday, baby. I love you with all of my being.

Terry Bodega Bay

It was time for a change of scenery so yesterday we left the Brookings Elks lodge and traveled 154 miles north to Florence, hitting the road about 10 a.m.

It was a foggy, misty day, so we didn’t have all of the pretty scenery we saw the other day when we drove up the coast.

Foggy drive small

The sea stacks looked surreal, even ghostly as they loomed out of the fog.

Ghostly rocks small

The drive up U.S. Highway 101 is beautiful on a clear day, but it’s not an easy trip in an RV. The road surface has been repaired and patched in several places, leaving a lot of dips and sunken spots that can make wrestling a big motorhome a challenge at times.

Sunken grade sign small

Patched road 3 small

Patched road 2 small

There are also a lot of curves and some uphill and downhill grades, just to keep you on your toes.

Curvy downhill small

Foggy downhill small

We saw a lot of RVs, everything from Class C motorhomes to fifth wheels.

Class C US 101 small

Fiver on US 101 small

There are a lot of pullouts on the southbound side of the highway offering views of the ocean, but not very many on the northbound side to allow slow moving RVs to get over and let traffic pass.

RV in pullout small

RV in pullout 2 small

Eventually we made our way to Coos Bay, where we passed a huge log sorting yard and then a train loaded with lumber.

Log yard Coos Bay small

Trainload of lumber small

North of town we had to cross the 5,305 foot long Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge, and I didn’t even snivel. Well, not too much, anyway.


Coos Bay bridge small

Stirring the Jello is part of the RV lifestyle, and we’ve done it many times over the years. Once we were at Elkhart Campground in Indiana and left there headed for Florida, but we stirred the Jello and went by way of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Compared to that, yesterday we only stirred it a little bit.

We originally had reservations at the South Jetty Thousand Trails campground in Florence starting on Tuesday, and had planned to spend a couple of nights at the Elks lodge before our reservations started. But I got an e-mail from blog reader Linda Rees yesterday morning telling me that she and her husband were there and that there were a few full hookup sites that we could fit into with our 40 foot long motorhome. Since most of the campground is just water and electric sites, once we got to town we left the rig at the Elks while we went to the Thousand Trails to check it out.

And sure enough, we found three that would work. The first one we tried was tight and getting in was proving to be difficult, so we moved to another that we slid right into. We have a 30 amp full hookup site in the A section toward the front of the campground, the Verizon internet signal is decent, but our rooftop satellite TV dish would not lock onto a signal. No big deal, we’ll just watch the over the air channels while we’re here.

Winnie at South Jetty small

Once we were settled in, we drove into town to have dinner at Chen’s Family Dish, an excellent Chinese restaurant we discovered when we were here a few years ago. It was as good as we remembered, and by the time I finished off a huge serving of their crab fried rice, I could hardly waddle my way back out the door.

We’ll be here for two weeks and we don’t have a lot on our agenda. I plan to get some writing done, Terry is itching to get back to her loom, and who knows? We may spend some time on the beach flying kites!

Congratulations Patty Rogers, winner of this week’s Gypsy Journal drawing for an autographed copy of Miss Terry’s Kitchen! We had 288 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon!

Thought For The Day – I left my last job for health reasons. My boss was sick of me and I was sick of him.

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  26 Responses to “We Only Stirred It A Little Bit”

  1. Happy birthday Terry

  2. Happy B-Day Terry!!!!!!

  3. Happy B-Day Terry Enjoy your special Day where it’s cool, as its 110 in Vegas today. You left just in time..LOL

  4. HaPPy BiRThDaY Miss Terry!!!! Hope you have a good one. Glad you got in to TT with a full hookup!! That’s awesome!!

  5. Happy Birthday Terry!

  6. Happy Birthday to Terry! What a great place to have your special day – love the Oregon coast.

  7. Have a very happy, happy birthday Terry.

  8. May your Birthday be a great one and wish you many many more. Love you

  9. Happy Birthday Terry, hope it is a lovely day and Nick takes you someplace special for dinner. love you girlfriend

  10. Happy Birthday Terry

  11. Happy birthday Ms. Terry. I always love your photos. You have a good eye. Many a desktop wallpaper have come from you and given me great pleasure. Keep having fun!

  12. Happy birthday Terry. Enjoying following your blog. You mentioned the UP michigan, we are headed there in Sept. Hope it is good.

  13. Happy Birthday, Terry!! They say behind every successful man is a great woman…so that says a lot about you too!!

  14. Happy birthday Miss Terry. Like a lot of guys, I’m awestruck by your beauty and many talents and just a little bit in love with you. My wife says she’s not jealous because she is too! You are awesome!

  15. Happy birthday to Terry. I want to be you when I grow up!!

  16. Enjoy YOUR day! Once again, it was great meeting up with you Friday. Yesterday was Jeff’s birthday. You June babies…

  17. Happy birthday Miss Terry. You are an inspiration to all of us wannabes out here.

  18. Have a wonderful b-day because you are wonderful.

  19. Terry I have never left a blog comment before but have read it forever. You are the woman so many of us other ladies want to be. Happy, happy birthday.

  20. Happy birthday girl. We miss you.

  21. Happy birthday Miss T

  22. Happy birthday Terry. You will never know how many lives you have touched in so many ways. The whole world was given a birthday gift the day you were born.

  23. Happy Birthday Terry!

  24. I agree with Nick: the day Miss Terry was born is a special day.

    Nick, I think she’s with you because you appreciate good people while letting them be who they are. That shows up in the characters in your books. Your characters do not suffer fools gladly but they accept and love everyone else. And they are pretty accepting of even the fools. To you, every guy is a potential friend and every female is a pretty lady and that shows.

  25. Hello neighbours! I am reading your blog since your fridge had been changed to residential one. Never missed a day to reading yours adventures. Now I expect you to check in South Jetty 23rd of Jun. Anyway we just check in today also. We are across your site, if you see three flags front of a MH that’s ours.
    I expect some kind of sign on your MH i.e. “gypsyjournalrv” Why do not advertise (FREE) your newspaper?
    Water leakage fixed? Happy Birthday to Miss Terry!
    See you soon personally.

  26. Happy Bday!

    You are now next to the prettiest, and apparently most haunted lighthouse on the coast. The Grey Lady is said to still roam the Haceta Head Lighthouse keepers house. If you like lighthouses, or ghost stories this is the place!


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