Pontoons And Pie

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Jun 082015

We’ve been on the go a lot lately, so we decided to make yesterday a stay at home day. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy.

I spent a couple of hours answering a backlog of e-mail and reading some of my favorite blogs. One e-mail was typical of ones that I get at least three times a week. Somebody wanted me to put a link on my blog for their Go Fund Me page because they are trying to get enough money together to buy a fifth wheel and truck so they can go fulltime.

These requests really tick me off. A while back a group of my author friends got together to raise money to help with the overwhelming medical bills created by author Brandon Hale’s cancer treatment. I felt that was a worthy cause and posted a link in the blog, and I’m pleased to say that we raised enough money to help pay for some of Brandon’s needs and after a long, hard battle he’s doing very well and on the road to recovery.

But when somebody wants money to buy an RV or car, or to go to college, or to cover their living expenses while they stay home to write a book, or the latest, to have a “gap” year to decide what they want to do with their life, my immediate reaction is to tell them to get a job. Guess what? I have an RV, I went to college, and I make my living writing books. I did it by working hard to get where I am today and I still work 7 days a week, but not by begging online!

I’ve been talking about wanting a winter place in Florida and a pontoon boat, so my buddy Greg White suggested I start my own Go Fund Me page to make it happen. This is what I had in mind.

Fishin Barge

But I suspect this is what I’d end up with.

Homemade pontoon

So I decided I’d just get back to work and do it the old fashioned way, and I cranked out another 2,000 words on my next Big Lake book. After I took a nap, or as I like to say, spent some time going over plot twists in my head.

While I was doing all of that Terry was busy with all kinds of fun things like laundry, paperwork, making a delicious dinner, and then this awesome mixed berry pie made from scratch. And it tasted even better than it looks!

Berry pie small

Today is our last day in Las Vegas, and we’re not going to be sad to leave. There was a time when I enjoyed the occasional visit to Sin City, but not anymore. We haven’t seen a show, wandered the Strip, or gone down to Glitter Gulch, and have not really had any interest in it.

Congratulations to Lois Thurston, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Crazy Days in Big Lake. We had 91 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – It is better to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.

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  12 Responses to “Pontoons And Pie”

  1. You wrote about this scam a while back Nick. I agreed then and I still do now. People who do this are no better than the creeps standing on a street corner with signs begging for money. Get off your butt and work for what you want! My 26 year old granddaughter just graduated with her masters degree in early childhood education and never worked a day through high school, college or grad school. All paid for by mom and dad and school loans. Now she wants to take a year off and decide what career path to follow before she starts sending out resumes. She has a Fund Me page set up to get money cover it. Hello? You just got a masters and NOW you want to evaluate your career path? I’m afraid I wasn’t a very popular grandma at her graduation party when she made that announcement and asked for donations.

  2. Why do I see your buddy Greg’s design all over that houseboat? LOL

  3. Nick thank you! I am so sick and tired of being harangued with GoFundMe links to pay for everything and anything. My neighbor has one to take her kids to Six Flags, a friends daughter has one to pay for cosmetology school, someone else I know had one to get money to get her three dogs fixed and every day or two I get an e-mail for another one. Makes me want to barf. We have a whole society of people who expect the world to pay their way for them.

  4. What a great way to start my Monday off to work! Thank you, now what do I have to do to?

  5. Never mind I just saw your email!
    Thank you agin I am trilled!

  6. Never mind crowd-funding that pontoon boat– I think you need to crowd-fund for money to hire someone to do all that laundry for Miss Terry! She does enough as it is

  7. I vote for the second pontoon boat … it has more character!! Does it come with the five guys???

    I donated a chunk to a Go Fund Me page a friend set up for a new wheelchair so a guy could enter road races and have a little better quality of life. They forgot about how much Go Fund Me took to fund themselves and sent out another notice to please donate MORE. Far as I know, the chair has never been purchased and I’m left wondering what happened to the $200 I donated!!!

  8. before I read emails I look at the address it came from. I delete 70% of all the emails to get down to the ones I read. It is a waste of time to even look at them. I do the same thing on my phone. If the name in the data base isn’t on the screen I don’t answer the phone. Seldom do I get a message from the caller so like the emails the go away. In the mail department the procedure is third class go in the shredder, If there is a solicitation with a return envelope with postage on it all the junk mail that I get go in the envelope and mailed back to them. The USPS need the work! I can load their mailbox as well as they fill mine. It is a intrusion on the public.

  9. Nick, I appreciated your comments on the Go Fund Me account and the reasons to have one. I totally agree with you! Safe travels!

  10. You are so right Nick…I find it amazing how much people beg these days…besides on the street corners!! We were taught to work for what we needed. If someone helped us, we were to be very grateful too!! But I guess it all goes along with this “me, me, me” society…

    Wow…Ms. Terry surely knows how to cheer a fella up heh? Yummy looking pie!! Mixed berries…sounds the best to me!!

  11. This is the internet version of panhandling for people too lazy to stand on a street corner with a cardboard sign.

  12. I want to tell some of them to Go Fund Yourself. But different.

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