Jun 282015

Sometimes it seems like there’s just one problem after another when you live in an RV. Morry Bernard from West Coast Mobile RV Service & Repair fixed our original water leak, and then another one that popped up, and now our Atwood water heater is on the fritz.

When I took my shower Friday night I had hot water, but when Terry took hers, about the time she got her hair full of shampoo the water turned cold and never did warm back up. She is not a fan of cold showers! The good news is that she was so cold when she got out that we did a lot of snuggling once we were under the covers!

The 120 volt circuit breaker for the electric side of the water heater is on, but it won’t heat up on electric. The gas will come on but then goes right back off. So yesterday I tried to figure out what the problem is. I went outside, opened the cover over the water heater compartment and verified that it’s still there. Since that’s the extent of my ability, I then called Greg White and after some research he gave me a lot of information that basically boiled down to that I need to call Morry and have him come back out. That’s not exactly what Greg said, but let’s face it, getting the compartment opened and then closed again without breaking anything is about all we can expect from me.

It’s too bad, because the other day our brand new Oxygenics shower head arrived. This is our second one. The first, which we used for several years, broke after it fell out of the holder on the wall of the shower. They work great, giving a lot of water pressure even when you’re using your 12-volt RV water pump. We looked all over for a replacement and finally ordered it from Amazon.


Since we were already having something shipped to us from Amazon, we also ordered a couple of things Terry has been wanting for a while. One was this Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder and the other was an AeroPress coffee maker.

Cofee grinder

Coffee maker

I’m weird in a lot of ways, but you already knew that. One of them is that I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the taste of it, but I do like Kopiko Coffee Candy, which is made with Java coffee beans. It kind of hard to find, but I recently learned that it’s available from Amazon, so next time around I’ll order some. They also have it in Cappuccino flavor, which I do drink from time to time, so I’ll try some of that, too.

Kopiko candy

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Highland Passage

Thought For The Day – If you’ve made your point, stop talking.

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  7 Responses to “One Thing After Another”

  1. has Terry used this coffee maker before? Currently I use a French press but it’s messy to clean and living in an RV I don’t like the grounds escaping down the drain.

  2. Glad to hear you didn’t touch anything else. Hope you get the problem fixed soon.

  3. Linda: I use a french press and capture the grounds in a tea strainer basket and pitch them in the trash.

  4. This should have been in The other days post however I couldn’t send it privately to
    You and yes a French press makes a great cup of coffee but downright dirty to clean
    First off let me say I don’t know the first thing about spinning weaving and yarns
    But I will say that when you go through Lincoln city you definitely need you and Miss Terry to stop at the ( east side on 101 )there is plenty a room to park your Rv and car behind the building (but not during the farmers market)
    Now the reason why I sent this is because there is a group of weavers (downstairs ) that make woven Thick rugs on a loom that are beautiful and colors are so vibrant
    During the farmers market there out there selling their products but they’re so enthusiastic of what they do they love to take you down and show you their set up and if Miss Terry would like something like this and have not run into this definitely definitely worth stopping
    We had been to a lot of farmers markets on the Oregon Washington coast and never ever seen anything like the rugs that these crafters make all on a loom
    For you a person that likes history The upper portion of the building (it was an old-school house )is a museum with old and new cultural theater
    Also you have in Tallamook the Tillamook County Pioneers Museum ( Right on 101 )now there you can get into three floors of Central Oregon history and if you do it during their farmers market day you can kill two birds with one stone Or is that one stone and two birds,,, but I’m sure you understand
    Hope you get a chance to stop and enjoy

  5. The part that is missing should’ve been the Lincoln city cultural center right on 101

  6. Linda,
    I love this mini-French Press! It makes as little as one cup or multiples, or even a concentrate (espresso), directly into your cup and is not messy at all! The grounds are captured by the screw-on cap/filter and can be expressed directly into the trash! The coffee is delicious and I have no waste. I use my old thermal carafe coffee maker to brew the perfect temperature hot water and make myself a cup at a time. The Kyocera ceramic burr grinder, the AeroPress, and Kicking Horse 454 coffee (all from Amazon!) are the perfect combo for me!
    Mr Ed,
    Thank you so much for the heads up on the market and the weavers!

  7. Twice in the 10+ years we’ve owned our current mh I’ve jiggled the he wires inside the outside-water heater door to the “circuit board”? and solved our — no hot water problem. If any one is less mechanical than you????—it has to be me. Best wishes to you and Terry.

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