Not Having Fun

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Jun 032015

Terry and I spent yesterday not having fun. And that was no fun at all.

We’ve been to Las Vegas before and had fun, but Greg and Jan White were with us. Greg likes to drive and I don’t like all the crazy traffic here, so I got to sit back and play passenger. Here by ourselves, we have to do the driving, and it’s hard to rubberneck when you have to keep your eyes on the road to keep from running over the guy ahead of you, who’s busy rubbernecking, too!

But Greg decided to be selfish and have a blowout on his motorhome a month ago and they have been hanging out in Prescott, Arizona waiting on repairs ever since. A real friend would have rented an RV to come keep us company until their rig is fixed.

It seems like there’s a scammer on every corner in this town, but I ran across a new one yesterday. We were out running some errands and stopped for gas at a convenience store on Boulder Highway. I paid at the pump with my credit card, but when the tank was full and I pushed the button for my receipt it said to see the cashier. That happens sometimes, and it’s inconvenient, but life goes on.

But this time around I had a new experience. The young lady in the store printed out the receipt, set it on the counter and said “That will be one dollar.” I thought she was joking, but she stood there with her hand out. I asked her what the dollar was for, and she said it was company policy when they had to print out a receipt. I asked where that policy was posted and she said it wasn’t posted anywhere, it was just company policy. I told her it was my policy not to pay for a receipt when I make a purchase and picked up the receipt and started to walk out. She repeated again that I owed her a dollar and I told her to call a cop. So far no SWAT team has busted down our door, so I guess I got away with my failure to pay.

Terry said the girl was probably just running her own little side business while on the job. Probably so, but it’s not working on me. I was born in the middle of the night, but it wasn’t last night.

Of course, scammers aren’t exclusive to Las Vegas. I heard from somebody the other day who made a deal on a motorhome at a dealer back east someplace, and when they went to take delivery, the dealer had tacked on an $850 fee for doing the pre-delivery inspection, also known as the PDI. The buyer asked me if that was a legitimate charge, and I suggested he tell the dealer to stick it or he’d walk away.

A pre-delivery inspection is to make sure the vehicle is in proper working order and safe to operate. Doesn’t every business do that? Isn’t it part of their obligation to their customers to be sure that what they sell is in safe working order? Should we pay extra for that? I don’t think so! It’s part of the expense of operating their business and not the customer’s responsibility to pick up. If they can’t price their product at a point where they can cover expenses and make a profit, maybe they should not be in business.

Thought For The Day – I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. At my age I can get the same effect by standing up too fast.

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  6 Responses to “Not Having Fun”

  1. Don’t know if this is a scam or not but we crossed the PA turnpike. Looked on the web and we were told it would be $78 for crossing with our MH & Toad. Picked up the ticket at the toll booth (no attendants) and it said $58 then when we got off the turnpike we were charged $86. Now, who is being scammed.

  2. Nick I can’t believe you didn’t pay the clerk the $1. LOL What I would have told her was to get outside and put some more paper in the pumps so that receipts could properly be printed outside.

  3. it is terrible what some folks do for a buck, glad you told her to call the cops, it is usually a policy to give you a receipt free as part of the service. I only ran into one scam and that was years ago when I got gas and a person washed my windows and then asked me for money, I just went in and told the clerk and he did his job and called the police, they had had problems with this person before scamming money off of folks getting gas.

  4. You have certainly run into some weird folks!! Guess it takes all kinds!! Well, sorry you are missing being with Greg and Jan…I am sure they do make life more fun!! Well, at least you are staying for cheap eh?? And have lots to do inside your rig if you want to do so…

  5. I’m with you, Nick.
    Phooey on their dollar charge, even if it is. “Company Policy”. Some people don’t get that their “policy” is not equivalent to law.
    And that PDI thing! I’ll be dadgummed if I’d pay that! We weren’t asked to. Of course our dealer knows me and knows durn well where I’d categorize any such charge. They’re the ones selling us the product. It’s their job upon delivery to assure us all is right with it. I’m certainly not going to pay for it! Too many Motorhomes for sale. I’d go on down the road.
    And, Nick? Why in the world are y’all in Las Vegas, anyway? Yuck. I haven’t even been there but reckon I’ve had enough aggravation in other big touristy places! LOL

  6. And don’t get me started on “document fees” all the car dealers add on now. I don’t pay those, either. Just a license to steal, if you ask me. Didn’t pay them on our last car purchase. Won’t pay them on the next.

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