I Need A Woman!

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Jun 052015

Well, actually, I don’t need a woman. I already have the best one in the world. But that was what a fellow told me yesterday when he said we should add a dating column for single RVers to our website and the Gypsy Journal.

I suggested he join some of the groups for single RVers, like the Escapees Solos, Wandering Individuals Network (WINs), and Loners on Wheels (LOW), where he could meet other solo RVers, and that they have lots of activities all over the country. But as it turns out, he doesn’t want to waste time with all that nonsense. He said after four divorces he doesn’t want a friend, just a playmate, and that there must be plenty of desperate single women out there. He just needed to find them.

Yes, there are a lot of single women who are RVers, but it didn’t take me long to decide that very few of them are that desperate! There is a reason some guys are alone.

But it got me thinking about solo RVers, especially solo women RVers. At least once a month I hear from a woman who wants to go on the road but is unsure if she can do it. And usually there is at least one friend or family member telling her that she’s crazy, she’ll get ripped off at best, and very likely raped and left for dead on some lonely back road. After all, RVing is a rough lifestyle, you’re surrounded by strangers all the time, and without a man to take care of them they are doomed to failure.

Nonsense. We have met many very competent solo women RVers who are out here having a wonderful time, and they don’t need a man to validate them or take care of them. They go where they want, stay as long as they feel like it, and do just fine, thank you very much.

And in the RV lifestyle, you’re never alone. The strangers parked in the rig next to you are one smile and a “hello” away from being your new best friends.

But if you’re a woman and are really, really desperate, boy, have I got a guy for you!

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Thought For The Day – I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet.

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  7 Responses to “I Need A Woman!”

  1. LOL…..4 divorces and he wonders why?…..I think he is in the correct state, being Nevada, has legal places to take care of his “needs”. Keep on trucking!

  2. Nick it,would’ve been better to suggest to tell him he can visit any truck stop anywhere in United States and you’ll have all the company ( playmates ) he wants
    Now on the other hand if you know any multimillionaires that are looking for a male 71 year old and worn out and likes to live in separate states and knows how to spend money fast send one my way
    Enjoy your day

  3. Bravo Nick, for being a man who “calls ’em like he sees ’em.” If this guy has had 4 divorces and only wants a “playmate” I suggest he consider something inflatable…

  4. Funny.
    He’s been divorced four times and doesn’t get it yet.
    He’s incredible self centered, selfish and only thinking of his own selfish desires (sex for him). Until he grows up and learns there are other people in the world besides himself he is doomed (or in my view he’s getting what he deserves) to be alone.
    Being married to a wonderful, adult, caring male, I know very few men are like this narcissist. But it seems there’s always one in every crowd.

  5. He has loser stamped all over him, 4 divorces and he wants a playmate who is he kidding, I doubt any self respecting female would have anything to do with him. Nevada is a good place for him to stay

  6. Thanks for your comments about solo women RVers. My husband is the love of my life but due to health issues I will likely outlive him and we have often wondered, should that day come, if I’d be able to continue living this life on wheels that we both so enjoy. Your column was great encouragement for us both.

  7. I suggest he invests in one of these.


    Ahh those wacky doctors, what will they come up with next…….

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