Foggy Mornings

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Jun 212015

The weather here in Brookings has been typical of the Oregon coast in the summer – cool, foggy in the morning, and usually by mid-day the sun breaks through and burns the fog off. And then, sometime around 6 or 7 p.m. the fog starts to move back in over the water.

Yesterday was no exception. We were up earlier than we wanted to be because we wanted to go to Harris Beach State Park on the north side of town to visit with Judy Bell, of Travels With Emma blog fame. Judy is volunteering for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and is stationed at the park to tell visitors about the nesting birds just offshore on Bird/Goat Island.

We were hoping she could share some of her incredible knowledge about birds, but when we arrived the fog was so thick that we couldn’t see much. And we couldn’t find Judy!

Foggy Brookings beach small

As it turned out, she had closed up shop early because you can’t tell people about birds if they can’t see them. So we tracked her down at her motorhome and had a nice visit. Judy had mentioned a while back in her blog that she likes sponge candy, so Terry made a big batch to take to her. And I even got a puppy fix from Emma! That almost made up for all the fog!

Terry Judy Bell small

After a couple of stops in town we went back home and our friend Nancy Kissack came over to visit for a while. She’s fascinated by Terry’s weaving projects and is thinking about getting a small loom, so Terry showed her a couple online and then loaned her some books and DVDs to help her get started.

After Nancy left I caught up on e-mails and did some research on a couple of places I want to visit to do stories on for the Gypsy Journal. That wore me out, so then I took a short nap. Well, I tried to anyway, but my mind was working over some things I want to get done, so sleep didn’t come.

A little before 5 p.m. we went to O’Holleran’s Steakhouse & Lounge, which had been highly recommended by two different blog readers. And they were right, it was excellent. Nancy and I had steak and prawns, while Terry chose the salmon cakes, and everything was delicious. This place will definitely get added to our Favorites Restaurants guide!

It’s time for a change of scenery, so we’re leaving Brookings today and traveling a little over 150 miles north to Florence. We have reservations at the South Jetty Thousand Trails campground starting Tuesday, but we plan to stay at the Elks until then so we can check out the campground first. When we were here a couple of years ago it was very tight and hard to find a site that would accommodate our 40 foot motorhome. But I’ve been told they have thinned some of the trees out to make access easier. Hopefully so.

In preparation for the trip Terry, Terry washed the Winnebago’s windshield so she could take pictures without having to focus through the dead bugs that had accumulated on the glass.

Terry washing windshield small

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Before I close, I want to acknowledge a man who was a tremendous influence on my life and remains so today. My dad has been gone almost 30 years, but I still remember the lessons he taught me about how to be a man, a gentleman, and a human being. He always told me I could accomplish anything I wanted to in life if I was willing to work hard enough and make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen. My dad always encouraged me to follow my dreams and he told me that he knew someday I would be a successful writer. He didn’t live long enough to see any of my books published, but I hope if he’s looking down on me today I’ve made him proud. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you and I miss you.

Thought For The Day – Don’t you hate how after an argument you always think of some clever thing you should have said?

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  1. What’s with the long sleeves? It’s summer!

  2. Great picture Terry, and to be in long sleeves looks beyond delightful. Sweet homage to your dad Nick.

  3. safe travels

  4. O’Holleran’s! Jeff and I ate there on our honeymoon 38 years ago. That they are still in business says something about their food, alright! Safe travels.

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