A Treasure Trove

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Jun 172015

After getting up early and being pretty much on the go constantly for the last week, yesterday we treated ourselves by sleeping in and then having a slower paced day. It was a nice change of pace.

We checked our e-mail and read a few favorite blogs, I replied to several e-mails and messages that had been piling up, and then we had a light lunch of cheese and crackers. It was nice not to have anything to do and nowhere to go.

Eventually we did leave the Elks lodge campground to run into town. I wanted to check out someplace to get fuel when we leave here today. The last time we were in Eureka, the Texaco station a couple of miles down the road on U.S. 101 had a set of three or four diesel islands on the side, but now the sign over those pumps say Pacific Pride, which is a commercial card lock outfit.

I called the station and the clerk told me that they had no control over those pumps and it was just for commercial trucks with a card to access them. But when we drove by, there was a motorhome getting fuel at one of the pumps closest to the Texaco building so I stopped, and sure enough, the two islands on the north side are marked Texaco and do take credit cards. And to make life even easier, once we fill up we can drive around the back of the building and out onto a side street that connects back to US 101. I wonder how much business they lose because their own clerks don’t know that RVs and trucks can fill up there?

Sometimes we enjoy prowling around flea markets and second hand stores to see what kind of oddball goodies we can find, and while we were out we stopped at a junk shop and Terry found a treasure trove of old weaving and spinning books and magazines, some dating back to 1962. If we had a house I think she would have bought them all to add to her library, but as it was she came away with quite a few she just could not pass up.

Back at home, I thought about taking a nap, but instead, while Terry made a delicious dinner of chicken Parmesan, I sent out the link to the new digital issue of the Gypsy Journal to our subscribers. All in all it was a nice relaxing day.

We will leave Eureka today and travel about 115 miles north to Brookings, Oregon, where we will (hopefully) be able to get a site at the Elks lodge for a few days before we move on up the coast. I can taste the seafood already!

Thought For The Day – The easily offended deserve to be easily offended.

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  7 Responses to “A Treasure Trove”

  1. Nick if you have not been on this drive,,, Before you leave brooking Or, look up in Crescent City a road called Howland Hills rd it,s on the southen end of the cityit,s only a 16 mile long road but it takes you on a less than 5 or 10 mph twisted one lane long time gone old stage coach Road through some of the most Beautiful up close and personal Redwood Forest (Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest )
    It well worth the drive back south I’m betting you will not be disappointed
    To get there 101 to elk valley road turn on to Howland hills rd to 199 take 199 back to 101
    We all know Miss Terry loves to cook but if you would like to give her a day off ,,,stop in Winchester Bay at the Sourdough Bakery right on the west side of 101
    And try there Cinnamon roll,,, notice I did not say rolls,,, thay come one in a BOX not a bag ( yes there that large)
    I’m jealous but have a great day

  2. And if you want clam chowder in a sourdough bowl go to Ungers floating restaurant which is at T dock in the harbor. We have been there 3 times in the last 10 days. 🙂

  3. safe travels my friends,may the good lord look over your travels

  4. Nick you started that you hope tp get a spot at the next city at the Elks Club. I have always called ahead. Do you just take the chance not to get a spot if you definitely know you are going to stop there. Just wondering. I have found that they will take a reservation.

  5. To
    Ed Hackenbruch says:
    June 17, 2015 at 6:54 am
    From mister Ed
    I forgot to mention that seafood restaurant is an excellent place
    As an transplanted New Englander we like our clam chowder on the thin side ( they did )
    It seems that the West Coaster,s likes it thicker
    Have you tried the sourdough bakery it was a no-brainer five dollars for a cinnamon roll in a box that last for two days. ( but you got to get there early )

  6. Mister Ed, saw your post this morning. We just got back from having lunch again at Ungers and stopped at the Bakery afterwards. Bought a cinnamon roll……you weren’t kidding about the size of them!!!! 🙂

  7. Ah, Brookings…we stayed at an awesome B&B there back in 2000 and it was next to where that river there flows out to join the sea…a most beautiful spot!! Hope your trip goes well!!

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