May 252015

Today is not about cookouts, or car races, or getting out of town for a three day weekend at the lake or campground. It’s about more than that. Much, much more.

It is a day to remember the men and women who have given us the most precious gift of all, our very freedom, and who paid for it with their lives. We forget that too easily in this country. And we need to remember.


It’s about this. American heroes who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. It’s about honoring those heroes. About remembering that we can sleep comfortably in our beds tonight, because they sleep here forever. We need to remember that all of those headstones decorated with little American flags in all of those cemeteries across this great land of ours represent somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, somebody’s sister or daughter.


It’s about remembering those who served. It’s about taking the time to thank a veteran. Because without him or her, there might not be us.

They didn’t go because they wanted to. They went because they needed to. Not because their number came up with some draft board. They went because that’s what Americans do. Their country needed them. Their country called. And they answered the call.

I’m heartened to see that while our country may be divided on a lot of issues these days, one thing that most of us agree on is that we appreciate our servicemen and women. It hasn’t always been that way.


Please remember that right now, as you are reading this with your morning coffee, or during a commercial break in your favorite television show, somebody’s son or daughter, somebody’s brother or sister, somebody’s husband or wife, is in the enemy’s gun sights. Somewhere today or tomorrow or next week, some mother or father or wife will answer a knock on their door and find solemn men in uniform there to deliver the very worst news of all. That is what this day is about.

To all of our heroes who never came home, rest in peace. To all of my brothers and sisters who wore the uniform, and to those who are still serving, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Welcome home.

Congratulations, Molly Jarrett, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Gun Shy by my friend Ben Rehder. We had 70 entries this time around. Stay tuned, because a new contest starts soon!

Thought For The Day – They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. At this point I should be able to bench press a Buick.

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Nick Russell

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  18 Responses to “What It’s Really About”

  1. Thank you, Nick.

  2. Thanks to all who served, special thanks to those who served and didn’t return ! Also a special thanks to those who did return who’s life is changed or broken ! A lot of us do remember !!!! We were there and lucky to return , old navy chief

  3. Very well put. Thank you! Even in Switzerland we are remembering what is happening in the U.S. today.

  4. Welcome home Nick!

  5. You may not be handy with tools Nick, but that pen of yours has a gift behind it. Very well put young man. Thank you!

  6. Excellent post Nick. Thanks for taking your turn in a very difficult time for this Nation. And , Welcome Home!

  7. Thank you Nick for your service and your wonderful writings.

  8. Thank you Nick for your service and thank you to all persons who have served our great country in the past, present, and future. The future of America depends upon this type of selfless service.

  9. Thank you to all branches of the Military for keeping our freedom and Thank you Nick for serving your time. This is The Greatest Country in the world and we should never forget the men and women who have kept it the Greatest Country in the world.

  10. AMEN, Nick and Thank you for being there when it counted and doing your part.

  11. Thank you Nick for your service. I and the rest of the service members and former service members appreciate you comments. You are so right on with your blog today.Long may we be The Land Of The Free and The HOME Of the BRAVE.

  12. Thank you, Nick. And to all the brave men and women who served. Let freedom ring!

  13. Very nice sentiment. We can all use a reminder to appreciate what we have and thank the people responsible for it.

  14. A lot of you don’t know that our favorite wordsmith almost didn’t make it home himself and was hit 3 times over there or that when given the chance to take a safe job in the rear he chose to go back to his unit. I’m proud of you my friend.

  15. Well written Nick…thank you. We well remember having to try to hide that hubby was in the military during Nam days. It was not fun. Many seemed not to know that going off to war then was not an option, like it has been for awhile now. My hubby gave 6 of the best years of his life and though his service was on a sub, his health was somewhat broken in that process too. Which I suspect has contributed to his having to retire early a couple years ago. The skin doc thinks the early cancers he is catching and digging out of his back come from that time.

  16. Thank you Nick for the very fitting tribute to our men and women in uniform and the military heros that gave their all so that the US could remain a free and sovereign nation. Memorial Day is a good time to remember and pay our resects to our fallen defenders. I am fortunate to be in fairly good health but each time I go to the VA I see others that are still paying the price for their service.

  17. At the VFW Post in Three Points,AZ The WALL will be erected for those who wish to pay their respects . It is a half scale accurate replica of THE WALL in Washington.
    Dates: June 4th arrive.
    June 5th at noon opening day at Noon
    Departure;June 8th
    Open for viewing twenty fours

  18. You put what is in so many of our hearts into words beautifully.

    “Thank you” is not nearly a strong enough sentiment from me to all of you who served and to all the parents and spouses who lost loved ones so that I could live in a free country, but it is all I have.

    May those in this country never again treat our active duty and veteran service members the way your generation was “welcomed” back. God bless you and all who are and were willing to defend our freedoms, even to the point of death.

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