So Far, So Good

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May 202015

Thanks to everybody who e-mailed or posted on Facebook hoping I was doing well after my fall on Monday. I’m a bit sore but not too bad overall.

Yesterday I checked the tire pressure on the inside dual where we had the replacement wheel installed on Monday and so far, so good. I wanted to be sure there wasn’t any other problem before we hit the road. Sitting on the shoulder of the highway waiting for roadside service is no way to enjoy the RV experience.

Today I plan to replace all of the batteries in my TireTraker tire pressure monitoring system. They are a lot easier and cheaper to do than our previous system, which required replacing the entire sensor, for a lot more money.

On the subject of RV tires, here is yet another horror story related to a tire failure. According to an article on, the motorhome’s front left tire separated, causing the driver to hit the guardrail, and then it caught fire. Fortunately nobody was injured, but it sure makes you wonder what the heck is going on with the tire industry these days. And it makes me glad we just replaced our Winnebago’s Goodyears, which were separating. Folks, check your tires before EVERY trip, and do a walk-around every time you make a pit stop. It only takes a couple of minutes and it can save your RV and your life.

RV wreck

RV wreck 2

A while back somebody said they didn’t like it when I talk about RV fires and accidents. That’s the same reason some RV manufacturers won’t have people like me or Mac McCoy giving seminars at their rallies. But bad things do happen to good RVers, and knowing what can happen and how to prevent it is important, so we don’t sugarcoat it.

Except for a quick break while Miss Terry gave me a haircut, I spent most of yesterday working on my next Big Lake book and got another 3,500 words done. While I was busy with that, Terry was doing bookwork, then putting the finishing touches on some hand towels she had woven. And then, just because she’s so wonderful, she also made a batch of delicious oatmeal cookies!

Tea towels

If you like your mystery stories with an RV theme, check out J.A. Harper’s Soul of the Forest, the first book in the Bird Treks mystery series about a couple who finds adventure as they explore the country in their Blue Bird motor coach. The book is free on Amazon today, so get yourself a copy, and don’t forget to leave a review after you read it. It’s the best thing you can ever do for an author.

Thought For The Day – Never expect somebody else to come along and change your life for you. Change it yourself. – Colleen Hoover

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  5 Responses to “So Far, So Good”

  1. I knew those cookies would work!! Glad you are feeling better … and yes, you are kind of scaring me about this tire thing. Do you have any pictures of a tire that is separating so I know what to look for??

  2. Unrelated comments:

    1) I am so glad that you are getting better. I cringed when I read about your injuries.

    2) Add me to the list of those who are grateful for your recommendation of MSM. I have been using it for about a month now and am just amazed how much better my joints feel. My knees had gotten so sore that I was popping Aleve twice a day every day (and this is from someone who usually waits to take a pain killer for a headache until the second day of the ache).

    3) I have attended Mac McCoy’s classes a couple times and my husband usually goes to his class at every Escapade. As frightening as the information is that the two of you present, I believe it should be required for all RVers. There are many wonderful things about the RV lifestyle, but we should not go into it blindly (and reminders are valuable even for long-timers). Knowledge is power–sometimes the power to save your and your loved ones’ lives!

  3. Proper Tire inspections check
    Proper tire inflation check
    Knowledge of DOT tire codes check
    fire extinguishers check
    fire safety check
    Proper fire emergency evacuation plan check
    Proper disaster emergency plan check
    ( That includes with pets as well )
    Medical kit check
    Knowledge of Some Life saving medical procedures check
    proper RV handling check
    defensive driving car/rv check
    Now 90% of the RV seminars that one goes to you can go and attend many seminars dealing with the above, the only thing you don’t need to do is bring your check their free, An deal on many subjects that I haven’t even touched upon,
    So feel free to have A reality check on the things that you don’t know or make a check list of the things that you really should know
    A reality check on the things that you don’t know or make a check list of the things that you really should know
    so do it for yourself or for your copilot ( do it together )
    I know it’ll never happen to YOU but maybe you can help others
    Even with my 45 years over the road I still have a large checklist for truck safety that’s for me and you,, knowing and knowledge are a wonderful thing
    enjoy your day

  4. I really appreciate all the information I’ve learned since starting to read your blog. Our RV’s represent a considerable investment so learning how to maintain and protect them and ourselves is a wise move. We’ve even installed fire extinguishers in our generator bay and next to the motor (purchased through Mac’s website)

  5. Glad you are ok, Nick…and wowee, some talent Terry has!! Are those towels she wove, made of cotton?

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