Really? Again?

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May 152015

This time of year you can always depend on two things here in Arizona’s White Mountains; one is that it’s going to be windy, and the other is that the weather will change more often than a politician’s campaign promises.

We’ve been here over three weeks and most of the time the weather has ranged from almost warm to darned cold. It’s nothing to wake up to a chilly morning, have the motorhome’s windows open and the roof vents going during the day, and then to have the furnace come on in the middle of the night. And now we’re looking at a high of 50 today and Saturday, with the overnight lows in the low 30s. And did I mention the snow and rain that’s going to come in, too? They say there could be 2 – 4 inches of snow on Saturday. I mean, really? Again? When will it ever end?

A lot of blog readers have asked how we like the Night Therapy Elite 12″ MyGel® Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress we bought when we were here last year. It’s been thirteen months now and I have to say that we have both been amazed at how comfortable a relatively inexpensive mattress is. We’ve had a Sleep Number airbed and a couple of expensive innerspring mattresses, and none of them have come close to comparing. For much of my adult life back pain was my alarm clock, and I tossed and turned all night long. Not anymore. I sleep like a baby. Yes, a very large baby, but a baby none the less.

We had visitors the other evening. Marlin and Kay Pihl are blog readers who describe themselves as “professional vacationers” and they are spending a few days here at the Show Low Elks lodge campground. It’s always fun to meet our readers, especially when they show up with goodies, and Marlin and Kay brought us a jar of plum jam they had canned, as well as some salmon Marlin caught in Alaska and that they also canned themselves, along with a couple of recipes. They are a nice couple and we had a nice visit with them. Thanks for stopping by, Marlin and Kay!

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  5 Responses to “Really? Again?”

  1. Nick, awhile back you posted the link to the video of the diesel pusher that had the blowout of the front tire and the ultimate crash in Louisiana.

    Since then we have not been able to get that out of our minds and were wondering if you have some type of steering stabilizers on your rig such as Steersafe?

    I think it’ s something we need to look into. Would you recommend them or another brand?

    Thanks!! Karen

  2. John Leuffgen

  3. Nick, we got the same mattress, about a year ago because of your comments in the blog. I would reiterate all of your positive comments. We used it in our class A. Sold that in December and the new DP has a sleep number air mattress so we moved the gel mattress into the house. We take off with the new air mattress next week. If the air mattress works fine, if not we will move the gel mattress back and forth from the RV to the stick and brick home. We plan to be in each for six months a year. We aren’t expecting any snow here in Florida this month. Hope you have a great time in Oregon and Washington.

  4. Karen, we had Redlands RV install the Safe-T-Plus steering control on our motorhome for just that reason.

  5. Thanks for the weather report Nick, makes me feel good up here in Maine err, I mean “the East Coast Alaska” !
    It does show nicely that you can live year round in Arizona , just pick your altitude to get to your perfect temperature ! Guess you picked a little to high ?
    Hang in there , The heat will catch up with ya….

    Skuh kuh kuh kuh

    I have a memory foam mattress too , got one back in the 90’s and will never go back to air ,springs or anything else !

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