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May 132015

For most of the time we’ve been here at the Show Low Elks lodge campground, there have only been three or at times four RVs. But with temperatures heating up in the desert it’s starting to get busy. A couple of rigs came in Monday and I think at least three more arrived yesterday.

We did have something interesting happen the other day. A fifth wheel came in and started to set up, and when they realized that the power boxes are locked, the woman came to our motorhome (as opposed to the host, who is parked in a site that clearly says Host) and asked me if they could camp here or if it was for Elks members only. I guess they did not see these two signs that they had to drive past to get into the campground.

Elks signElks sign 2

I told her it was for Elks and their guests only, and a few minutes later they drove out. But on the way, the husband made a point of giving me the finger. Really? You ignore signs, trespass on private property, and I’m the bad guy?

The weather hasn’t been all that great since we got here, and Terry and I have both had colds, so we have not done much in the last week or so. In fact, except for a quick run to the bank yesterday, I don’t think we’ve left the campground since we had new tires put on the motorhome last Thursday.

I’m pretty much recovered from my cold, but Terry is still feeling bad. So bad, in fact, that she’s got a project on her loom and has not touched it in days. Then yesterday, adding insult to injury, she pinched her finger, cutting it deeply when she was changing out the filter in the drinking faucet under the sink. I thought it would need stitches, but we stopped the bleeding with Stevia and got it bandaged.

Yesterday I managed to get another 2,200 words done in my next Big Lake book, so I’m closing in on the halfway point. For the last three years or so I’ve been releasing two to three books a year. So far this year I’ve brought out two new Big Lake mysteries, and I’d like to get two more books on the market by the end of the year.

Our plan was to leave here on the 19th, which will be a month since we arrived. But then I realized that Memorial Day is the 25th. Our first reservation at South Jetty Thousand Trails in Florence, Oregon starts June 23rd and we don’t have any reservations along the way, so we’ve got plenty of time to get there. At this point we don’t even know what route we’ll take to get to the coast or where we’ll stop along the way. Isn’t that the best way to travel in an RV?

Good news for Saxon Andrew fans! His newest book, Defending Holy Ground, the third book in his popular Escape To Earth series, came out yesterday. Saxon has a huge following among science fiction fans, and is one of the most prolific authors I know. The man is a virtual writing machine!

Thought For The Day – Writers are a little below clowns and a little above trained seals. – John Steinbeck

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  1. What’s this about stevia helping to control bleeding? Did I miss something? Tried to google but didn’t see much about it. Please expound.

  2. The fellow that gave you the finger must have known you are “Bad” Nick. At least you were, we haven’t heard from him lately so everything on the planet must be doing fine?

  3. Sure hope Terry gets to feeling better soon, just a quick heads up for your checking into a TT park. They are now requesting your license and registration for both the car and MH. The reason they gave us is to keep unregistered cars and MH off property and in compliance with the law. This is something they just started. Asked if it was just California and we were told no all TT Naco parks. WE will see if it is true when we are in Washington in a couple of weeks

  4. Come back to Florida and I can line up lots of folks to show you the Finger! Might even be able to line up a few full moons! 🙂

  5. Do you have a stevia plant, or what product do you use to stop bleeding? Never heard this before…but very interested. I am so sorry you guys are ill…and Terry so bad…do be careful. We were so ill the month of Feb. we hardly ate (and we like to eat as well as you do!!)…and thought we would have to go to the doc. My aunt, who is 82 got so bad with it, that she got pneumonia…and is in the hospital. It is not an ordinary germ!!

  6. Elizabeth, stevia is a natural sweetener that we buy in liquid form at health food stores that also has some wonderful healing properties.

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