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May 192015

I’m a klutz. I was born a klutz and I’ll die a klutz. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I died from being a klutz! My dad used to say that I should probably get a job in a mattress factory, but I’ve always suspected that if I did I’ve have been smothered by an avalanche of falling mattresses. Seriously, I was the point man on a combat patrol once and my commanding officer said, “I hope he doesn’t stumble on a trip wire and kill all of us.” One of the NCOs heard him and said, “Hell sir, let’s just be glad if he doesn’t fall off the mountain.”

I reaffirmed my klutz status yesterday and I’m feeling the effects of it. When we had the new tires put on our motorhome last week they discovered a bent wheel on an inside dual and had to order a replacement wheel for it. The old tire on that wheel had not been holding air before we bought the new ones, and the replacement tire went flat in just a few days sitting here at the Elks lodge campground.

We went back to the tire shop yesterday to have the replacement wheel put on, and while getting ready to go, I was airing up that tire. I forgot that the bedroom slide was above me and stood up, banging my head, then lost my balance and fell, landing on my side on top of the air compressor. You’d think a guy as fat as me would just bounce but if I did, it wasn’t far.

My back, ribs, and one wrist are all pretty sore, but I think the worst damage was the big bruise on my dignity.

You can add Medford, Oregon to the list of RV unfriendly towns. Recently, RVers asking to park overnight at the WalMart in Medford have been told that while the store management has no problem with it, the police may give them a ticket and/or make them leave. I sent an e-mail to the City Manager explaining that people traveling in self-contained RVs don’t always want or need to stop at a campground if all they want to do is grab a few hours sleep and go on down the highway the next day. I also added that quite often when we stop at an RV-friendly business overnight, we do some shopping, have dinner in a restaurant, and buy fuel. I said that in the future we will avoid Medford and go on down the road to a community that welcomes us. Here is the response I received yesterday:

Dear Mr. Russell, Thank you for contacting the City of Medford. I spoke with our Code Enforcement Department regarding your concerns. Apparently, Medford has been working with Wal-Mart’s Corporate Office to enforce the Municipal Code prohibiting overnight camping. Wal-Mart has also installed signage in their parking lots advising that overnight stays are no longer allowed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The City of Medford welcomes visitors and hopes that you will continue to stop here during your travels. Winnie Shepard Mayor and City Manager’s Office

No thanks, Winnie, we’ll spend our time and our money someplace else. If you want to let the folks in Medford know how you feel about their ban on overnight parking, you can e-mail the City Manager’s office at CMO@cityofmedford.org

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Thought For The Day – We live in an era of smart phones and stupid people.

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  11 Responses to “Klutz”

  1. Helle Nick,

    You mentioned that some readers were questioning you about replacing all of your tires on your rig. I saw this in the paper this morning and thought this is enough reason to have the best tires you can get on your rv


  2. “while the store management has no problem with it, the police may give them a ticket and/or make them leave…”to my knowledge, the police in Baton Rouge do not write tickets on private property. Walmart and other businesses would be considered private property. Guess each municipality has it’s own rules and regulations. I don’t know that this would hold true for a person illegally parking in a handicapped space.

  3. I have been to that Medford Wal-Mart several times Nick. The last time I shopped there, I saw several RV’s parked in the parking lot. Several had all their slides out, leveling jacks down, 3 had awnings out and one, a very large Class A had a BBQ set up. And this was at 2PM for gosh sake. In this case, I believe that RV’ers have been their own worse enemy.

  4. What a dumb response from the City of Medford. The “Municipal Code” is local law, which can be changed.

  5. I sent my 2 cents worth to city of Medford, OR about the overnight parking at Wal-Mart. I copied you on that. I would encourage anyone that they put their 2 cents in to the City to show them the short sightedness.

  6. Dear Ms Mayor
    My wife and I have been traveling in a RV for several years and have enjoyed the hospitality of Wal-Mart at their store locations when only a short stop over would be needed. Wal-Mart provides these stop overs for RV’s and trucks for on simple reason, MONEY. There is money spend by these visitors at the stores in your town other than Wal-Mart. The Medford OR store and other retailers would benefit from these travelers. To give you a example my wife and I were going through Gaylord, MI and we had been on the road for a while . We stopped for fuel $485.85, dinner $56.50, movie $14.00 w/popcorn of course. Food items at Wal-Mart $75.00, breakfast at Big Boy $18.00. A total of $632.35. doesn’t sound very much for a town of 75,000 citizens but when the word get spread that “your town” will not allow parking and you are encouraging the enforcement at Wal-Mart. just watch all the campers, RV’s, Motorhomes, and the like pass your town for a more accommodating, friendly town to the South or North on I-5.The word will spread fast there are many 1,000’s to not stop at your town. Let see that’s $632,350 and at the low number of 1000. You must know what the overnight traffic is at the Wal-Mart parking lot since your are working so hard to keep the RV community out of it.

    ere is my comments to the City of Medford,OR

  7. Okay I need to chime in here I know it was not Nick that it was A blogger that was asking along with Nick’s reply from the city mayor
    The mayor states the City code states no overnight parking that’s a done deal that falls under the coding ( code violation ) in the city where the police are told to enforce that code
    As the mayor stated he was working with the corporate office not the local Walmart assuming the Walmart store day AN night manager and the corporate office are on the same page if they allows overnight camping one is violating Walmart policy pertaining to that specific store and city code-ing,,therefore the store has signs stating as such to comply
    Now as far is private property is concerned the property is owned by Walmart it is serviced by the police department and the fire department and the EMT and you are allowed to enter it therefore you are the public that property becomes public
    And subject to enforcement by coding or police that allows them to site ticket or at their discretion remove The violator
    Case in note if you own a piece of property and you allowed John Smith to camp on that property that is a coding violation that falls under code enforcement
    Police should not get involved unless a complaint was filed,, however code enforcement has ,,,every right,,, to file a complaint or summons which will in turn bring the police fire EMT
    Now my personal note if you went there from sunup to sundown they probably would never said a word and you wouldn’t have known any different however someone trying to stay overnight then that’s where the issue would be
    Most sign state ,,, no over night parking or camping,,, overnight is defined by sundown to sunup
    That applies to cars vans trucks trailers RVs tents boats and I’m sure you can get bums and vagrants in there somewhere
    Now here in Titusville one Walmart has the signage that says no camping for overnight parking the managers discretion which allows him to say yes or no Now here in Titusville one Walmart has the signage that says no camping for overnight parking the managers discretion which allows him to say yes or no even so it is on the city code that does not allow it
    as for CocoaFlorida they do not allow it the local Walmart security will ask you to please leave
    however the one in the Vieira Florida will welcome you
    My understanding is the one down in homestead Florida will not allow you to rest overnight ( security will ask you to leave ) before you go to the keys
    So if you extend your Jacks Out open your sliders wipout your barbecue set up your satellite dish hang your laundry out tie your dogs to the trailer bring your lawn chairs out with portable pool what kind of a signal are you sending to Walmart and the city or town you’re passing through ( cottonwood Arizona brings one to mind )
    Yes I have stopped and stayed overnight at Walmart and I find it very friendly and I spend my money there but I’m also wary of the fact that I can be asked to leave or be cited And in one case to explain ( very politely and professionally )by the tow driver that he’ll be back in an hour to tow any vehicle it doesn’t move
    So I hope you enjoy your day and use your discretion wisely

  8. The Walmarts that we know most about in central NC and the Seattle area of WA state, we would NEVER stay overnight in…in fact, we try not to shop much there at all…and if we must (in NC esp. sometimes certain items cannot be found in other stores) we only do so in daylight hours. One day we went into the one here in NC and were told by the employee at the door to watch our purses carefully as several had been snatched or attempt was made to snatch them…hmmmm, not necessarily the fault of Walmart…but not the crowd we prefer to be in. Especially as one gets older. I can see that this probably is not the case in some other communities around the country…but at least in these areas we live between these days.

    Medford, Oregon is a strange place…we drove through in 2003 and were oh so happy to be through it and no desire to stop there!! Maybe there are many reasons to stay away, Nick…good of you to warn folks too!!

  9. The other day, I saw an RVer wearing a motorcycle helmet while working around his RV. I asked him why he was wearing the helmet. He said he was tired of knocking his head on his slides.
    God should have made man with one eye on the back of his head. This would solve the problem.

  10. I sent an email to medford city manager and also the Medford Chamber of Commerce. Email address: business@medfordchamber.com

  11. I would suggest, not only sending e-mails to the Mayor and possibly city council, but also to the Chamber of Commerce.

    Let the city merchants know how much this “code” is affecting them. It’s their cash registers and pocket books that will and are suffering.


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