May 052015

We woke up to a cold rain about 7:30 yesterday morning, and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle back under the covers with Miss Terry and sleep for another couple of hours. But we had to get up and get going, because we had a 10 o’clock appointment to get new tires put on our motorhome.

Actually, they were supposed to be installed last Thursday, but they did not arrive, and the shop did not bother to call and tell us. Fortunately, I called Wednesday just before closing time to confirm the appointment. When I called on Friday to be sure they were there, I was assured that they were all no more than 6 months old according to the date code on each tire. But when we got to the shop yesterday morning, I checked the codes with the manager and one of them was over a year old and another was almost two years old!

I was not happy and I let the manager know that! Unhooking a motorhome that you live in and getting it ready to go someplace isn’t like driving your car to the shop. He apologized and promised to call me as soon as he talked to his warehouse down in Phoenix. I told him it was up to him to earn my business back, because there are a lot of places that sell tires.

He called later yesterday afternoon, offered to upgrade us to a more expensive set of tires at the same price, and said he personally will check the date codes when they come in and then call us. He also said he was not going to charge us any labor. That’s fair if they are what they are supposed to be and get here on time. Supposedly they will be here Wednesday, and I plan to personally go and check the date codes myself before I move the motorhome again.

I’d go elsewhere but we have two tires that are coming apart (four year old Goodyears) and I don’t want to take any chances, and the options here are pretty limited.

Of course, it could always be worse. Sunday was not a good day for my RVing friends. Al Hesselbart, retired historian for the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indina, lost his transmission at a rest area on I-10 in Florida and couldn’t be towed in until Monday morning. And Greg and Jan White had a front tire blowout on Interstate 40 in Arizona and had to be towed to Prescott. Fortunately, Greg says it doesn’t look like the damage is too bad, and hopefully they will be back on the road soon.

Good news for readers of romance books! My friend Mona Ingram just released Love’s Like That, the fourth book in her very popular The Women of Independence series. Besides Amazon, Mona’s new book is also available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo, as well as other e-book venues.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand.

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  5 Responses to “A Bad Way To Start The Day”

  1. Yes, stuff happens. We feel for you, Al and Greg & Jan.
    Hope all works out for everyone soon.
    There is nothing more frustrating than being stranded with problems.

  2. Firebird Tires in Phoenix was the best of the best when I replaced mine

  3. Nick, sorry to hear of your friends breakdown troubles and your problems getting new tires.

    At the same time, THANK YOU for sharing these experiences! Why? Because breakdowns and repair shop problems are a NORMAL part of the fulltimer lifestyle, and forewarned is forearmed! In the case of the tires and the tire shop, you have re-emphasized the importance of replacing tires every four years, and the importance of checking replacement parts and workmanship! In the case of breakdowns, not much can be done other than keeping up on scheduled routine maintenance and inspections, but it is important to know and be prepared both psychologically (and in terms of roadside assistance prep) that breakdowns are part of the fulltimer lifestyle.

  4. Have them ( out of the goodness of his heart )( because he wants your business ) throw in A free road hazard warranty to boot
    My mom always said things come in threes so there’s your three
    Enjoy your afternoon

  5. We just got tires today from Superior Tire Service in Eugene, Or and they are date coded 1515 or April 19 2015. We are very happy as we waited over 3 weeks for them to come in. Michelin XZA3+ 275/80R22.5 LRH (16 ply).

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