Apr 272015

It was a cold, wet, windy weekend and I’m sure glad it’s over. Between strong wind, rain, scattered snow showers, light hail, and temperatures down in the upper 20s, it was a good time to stay inside.

And that’s just what we did yesterday. Terry spent much of the day editing and proofing my new book and I was making corrections as she went. By the time we finally called it a night we had over a third done and things are moving right along.

During the afternoon our daughter Tiffany stopped over for a visit and brought her dog, Daisy, so I got my puppy fix. We are animal lovers, but we’ve reached the point in our lives where we don’t want the responsibility of having pets, so I have loaner dogs around the country I can play with when we’re nearby, then I can give them back to their owners to feed and take care of and go on my way, footloose and fancy free. It’s kind of like having grandkids.

Besides working on my new book, Miss Terry also made a delicious dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch. She even made the noodles herself. Everything but the chicken!

While our weather was bad the past weekend, it could have been worse. Meteorologist Tony Laubach posted these pictures on his Facebook page of a motorhome that was flipped onto its side when a storm hit Thompsonville, Illinois on Saturday. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the RV.



A friend who just purchased a motorhome wrote me from Carlsbad, New Mexico yesterday to say the wind was really rocking their rig, and I advised him to sit it out rather than putting himself and his wife in danger. High winds are a fact of life here in the Southwest, and more than once we have delayed our departure on a trip by a day or two until things calmed down. We’ve also pulled off the highway and taken refuge in a roadside rest area or parking lot to wait for bad weather to pass when we were on the road. Where do we have to be in such a hurry anyway?

Congratulations to Deb Heen, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Crazy Days in Big Lake. We had 129 entries this time around. Stay tuned, because a new contest starts soon.

The other day somebody raised a question about the cost of e-books, wondering why some authors sell the first book in a series for 99¢, or even give it away free, but then charge more for the other books in the series.

It’s all about marketing. Usually a free or 99¢ book is intended to introduce you to an author or a series. It takes an author months, even years sometimes, to write a book. Then they have to pay to get it proof read and edited, make the revisions, pay to have a cover created, and pay to have the book formatted. Some authors do all or part of the pre-publication work themselves. Either way, all of that takes time and money, and an author needs to make enough to cover their costs and earn a living. On a 99¢ book an author makes 35¢ commission. It’s hard to survive on that kind of money.

Thought For The Day – As long as everything goes exactly the way I want it to, I’m totally flexible.

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  One Response to “I’m Glad That’s Over!”

  1. Nick this is a very good explanation as to why that bus is laying on its side
    He probably had a 29 point inspection done the other day and he’s just checking the mechanics work,,
    being a retired person he probably doesn’t want to get underneath there and get dirty
    Either that or, or he didn’t understand Greg whites explicit directions and was teaching him how to recalibrate his step spring to retract his vertical steps
    manual says 25 1/4 turns not 25 full turns to much tension can be dangerous and hazardous to your coach
    Or he could be putting 6 solar panels up there and he just needs to know where the placement is ,, seeing he’s probably afraid of heights
    Or seeing it,s a Winnebago similar to yours he probably read your article on how to unblock your black tank and he came up with a better one ,,it’s called RV one upmanship
    This probably 11 more good reasons to right now I’m too tired and I can’t think of any
    Feel free to come on down to Cocoa Florida now it’s only 84° No snow no hail no frost and no frozen pipes and no heater or Arctic clothing necessary where the nighttime temperature are a balmy 78*
    Enjoy your freezing day

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