I Hate Everything!

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Apr 152015

Okay, I don’t hate you, but I hate everything else! Especially the dweebs that invented computers and the internet in the first place.

It took me over two hours to get Tuesday’s blog to load. Every time I tried to publish it the photos disappeared and everything became one long paragraph with no breaks between paragraphs, no punctuation, nothing. And then, after I finally got it to load up correctly and it was live, and I had looked at it, Terry had looked at it, and Greg White had looked at it, the darned thing disappeared by the next morning! Not only wasn’t it online, it wasn’t on the WordPress dashboard where I published it from. Like it had never existed. So I had to do it all over again.

Then several times yesterday readers reported that they could not access it, all they were getting was a blank page or error message on any blog page they tried to access. So much for all the work Greg did to move it to a managed WordPress site and the added fees Go Daddy charged for that.

And because that wasn’t frustrating enough, when I tried to get the new digital issue uploaded to our web server, it kept rejecting my password. I finally gave up and went to bed about 3 a.m. and was up about 8 a.m. to fight with it again most of the day yesterday. Eventually Greg and I decided to create a new website to hold just the digital issues. It was live about 8 p.m. last night. So today I will be sending the link to the new issue to our digital subscribers. Thanks for all of your help, Greg. I appreciate it. But I still hate everything. Especially the dweebs that invented computers and the internet.

And since I’m having a pity party anyway, why is it that when all of the snowbirds are in town, Verizon’s excuse for super slow internet service is that everybody is using it at once, but now that half of them have left town, it’s even slower? Based upon Verizon’s claims, shouldn’t it be faster? When we arrived here a month ago every site in this park, and the ones around us, were full. Now about half of those same sites are empty, but internet service has slowed down to a crawl. Greg says it’s because all of those snowbirds took the internet speed with them when they left, but I’m not really sure if I buy that story. Sometimes he lies.

Several people have asked me how I choose the winner of our weekly free drawing and if there is a way to increase their chances of winning. It’s entirely random. When it’s time to choose a winner, I go to Random.org and enter the number of contest entries into the appropriate box, click the Generate box, and it gives me a number. So how do you increase your chances of winning? Enter every week. But not more than once per contest. We’ve had a few people who tried to beat the system by entering multiple times. If somebody goofs and enters a second time by mistake, I just delete one of the entries and give them the benefit of the doubt. If it happens more than once, or if somebody enters over and over again using different variations of their names (29 is the record so far), that person gets banned and will never win.

I hope today’s a better day. And so does Miss Terry. She’s hinted that sometimes when things go to hell like they have the last couple of days I’m not quite the warm fuzzy cherub you all know and love.

Thought For The Day – I try to be a nice person, but sometimes my mouth doesn’t cooperate.

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  10 Responses to “I Hate Everything!”

  1. Dear Nick, So sorry to hear it was a “terrible, awful, very bad day” in the words of an author I don’t remember and have most likely miss quoted. It must have been the day for internet gremlins. My blog is at Blogspot and I was just getting the background color and it would not load. Other stuff was a different weird. I was using a Verizon jetpack, so who knows. I live in Syracuse NY which is the other end of the country from you – Wonder what could be cooked up as an excuse. Sun spots? The northern lights? Aliens? Hope today is better!

  2. Verizon LIES?! gasp! lol When do any of these massive govt controlled big guys ever tell the truth?

  3. Greg stole my thoughts. Could you buy your own tower and tow it?

  4. I’m with ya my friend … I have the same problems every day with Clearwire. They always say it’s me, not them!! Infuriating to say the least!! I’d be happy to cast a horrible spell on them for you!!

  5. For what it’s worth, I tried your blog first thing this morning. I couldn’t get it but two hours later it worked. I can’t imagine a day without reading your blog.

  6. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around that image of “warm, fuzzy cherub.” Hmmm

  7. For what it’s worth … I have had NO trouble getting to your blog. I’ve got a MAC with Safari, using Clearwire Wireless. I have MUCH more trouble trying to get to blogs on Blogspot.com!!

  8. that thing with the long paragraphs is some sort of wp bug. I finally figured out that it happens if I fiddle with the html … Especially if I add a hard-coded p tag. Once I put in a p tag, it expects all paragraphs to have a p tag and if there isn’t one then it’s a giant run-on paragraph.

    My solution is to write the whole article, formatting be damned, than copy the code version to a scratch text file, and then do any hard coding, checking the display with preview and pasting my backup scratch file contents back in if wp decides to be overly “helpful” and screws it all up.

    The preparing/disappearing issue is probably a caching issue on your computer, the host server and the ISPS. Verizon can sometimes be overly “helpful” in that regard.

  9. Sorry you had such a bad time! I was up all night because WordPress decided to go stupid. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. My work would suddenly disappear, then come back, but not always the newest update/rewrite. I think the thing has developed dementia!
    If not for the fact I’m already crazy, it would have driven me there.

  10. Yes. I know it’s still not right. At this point I don’t much give a diddley dang.

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