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Who are these modern day gypsies who spend their lives on the road? What prompted them to leave their former homes and communities for a life on wheels? Each week we will introduce you to some of the fulltime RVers we meet in our travels and those who read this blog.

Not all fulltime RVers are retirees living out their golden years in their homes on wheels as they follow the seasons. Like many of us, including Terry and myself, Jerry and Carol Pearson are working fulltimers, and have been since they hit the road three years ago in their 2004 Winnebago Adventurer 38 foot motorhome. As they explained it, “This is not our retirement, it is a change in lifestyle. This gives us the chance to get away from corporate America and travel to places we’ve wanted to see.”


Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, Jerry had worked in engineering and corporate education, while Carol was an administrative assistant. That’s a far cry from some of their workamping experiences. These days Jerry normally works in maintenance or construction, while Carol works in registration and customer service. They have also enjoyed working with animals.

Their favorite workamping gig was working with llamas at Windy Valley Llamas in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Their worst was what was supposed to be a dream job in Pipe Creek, Texas that turned into the job from hell. But that’s the great thing about having wheels under your house; they left after the first week. This was an exception, usually they tend to stay six months or more in one area to meet their workamping commitments.

In their free time Jerry enjoys woodworking, photography, and rose gardening. Carol is a quilter,and enjoys sewing and needlework.

When asked what they like best about fulltiming the Pearsons said meeting new people and learning new skills. They thing they most dislike? They said their RV is noisy and drafty.

Jerry and Carol belong to both the Escapees RV Club and Good Sam but they have not had the opportunity to attend any RV rallies yet. They also subscribe to Workamper News, and have found that Passport America helps them save money on camping costs. They hope to travel to all of the lower 48 states eventually.

The hardest part of leaving their old life was giving up their retirement home complete with a wood shop for Jerry and a quilting studio for Carol. The best thing was getting away from the South Texas heat.

When asked what advice they would give to a newbie, the Pearsons said plan ahead, learn to go with the flow, don’t get sucked into the occasional workamper drama, and remember, if things don’t work out, your house has wheels.

Summing up their thoughts on fulltime RVing, they said they plan to stop traveling at some point in time but that meanwhile, this lifestyle has given them the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and make lifelong friends. They don’t have second thoughts about selling everything and buying an RV for fulltiming because getting rid of all of their stuff was liberating. That’s an experience many fulltimers have found as they made the transition to the mobile lifestyle.

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