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Apr 012015

For over a year now I have had problems with the blog crashing and being offline anywhere from a few minutes to as long as 22 hours in one instance. Every time I called Go Daddy, our hosting company, they seemed to have a different reason for the problem, and no matter what they tweaked it did not resolve the issue on a permanent basis.

Sometimes they said it was a WordPress problem, other times they claimed it was because of high traffic (last year the blog got over 700,000 visitors), or a problem with their servers, or because they were changing servers. No matter what the excuse was the end result was always the same – the blog was down and it was costing us money in lost advertising revenues.

One solution that was suggested by a couple of people was to switched to a managed WordPress site on Go Daddy. I can’t really tell you what that is, but when I ran it past Greg White, he said his blog is a managed WordPress site and he does not have the problems I’ve continually experienced.

Changing to the managed site is supposed to be quick and easy, but we all know that never really happens, right? So I decided to wait until we were together with Greg and Jan and he had the time to tackle the project. And I’m sure glad I did!

He called Go Daddy yesterday to start the process and immediately ran into a problem with the old blog’s web address. That took him a couple of calls back to Go Daddy and a lot of trial and error, but he finally got it handled. The blog has now been copied to a temporary web address and hopefully will go live today or tomorrow without any problems. As a reader you should not see any difference except for the fact that the blog should load faster and we won’t have any more outages. Thanks for all of your help Greg!

When we were in Tucson Monday afternoon we noticed a metal sound when we applied the brakes on our Ford Explorer. By the time we got back to Apache Junction the sound had changed to a noticeable grinding that we could both hear and feel. Yesterday morning I called Brake Masters in Apache Junction and Steve Weiss, the manager, said to drop it off about 2 p.m. I did and by 5 p.m. he called to say the work was done and I cold pick it up. They installed new front brake pads and rotors, checked the rear, which still have 85% left, changed the oil and filter, and gave the SUV a good inspection for any other potential problems.

A couple of times people have suggested that a 2005 vehicle with 112K miles on the odometer and at least 50K more being towed behind our motorhome might be ready for replacement. But it’s paid for, it runs and looks good, and is very comfortable. So why go into debt for something else? The fewer payments the better, right?

Thought For The Day – You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

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  1. I’m out here in LaLa Land
    I am not getting the other replies to your comments when I responded to the Blog. I did check the box to see all the comments The subject was about your Explorer and I am getting a message that is blank with the persons name that wrote it but there is no text.
    have I been cut off the world Hello please

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