Another One Done

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Apr 082015

Monday afternoon Terry did the final proof read on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and I uploaded it to our printer’s web server back in Michigan. If all goes well we’ll have it back to us here in Phoenix early next week and get it mailed out before we leave for Show Low to see my daughter Tiffany and her girls.

After being chained to my desk getting the paper done, I needed a day out. So yesterday we went to the post office to send out some orders and then ran some errands that included a stop at WalMart, and then to Best Buy to purchase a TV to replace the Samsung LCD that has been failing for a couple of months now.

We were limited in our choices to a 28 inch model due to where it mounts on a cabinet door over the windshield in our motorhome, and discovered that small TVs seem to be going the way of the dodo bird and the wooly mammoth. There are plenty of 48 inch and larger TVs available, and a few 32 inch models, but when you get smaller than that the list of choices really thins out.

After seeing what was available, we settled on an Insignia 28 inch with a built-in DVD player because the 28 inch choices were either a smart TV or one with the DVD and we seldom have a fast enough internet signal to make use of the smart TV’s features. We already have a free standing unit, so we’ll give our old DVD player to Tiffany and the girls.

With that done, we decided to have an early dinner at JM Chinese Food, our favorite Chinese restaurant in this area. Should we be concerned that we’re only here a few weeks a year, but they not only know us by name, they also know what we’re going to order?

Some of you know that I have arthritis in my hands that has made typing increasingly painful the last few years. I tried Dragon Speaking software and found it less than useful, so it was hampering my work. Over the years I have tried dozens of different home remedies and dietary supplements that did not help. I had about resigned myself to living with the pain, but a couple of months ago a friend suggested I take MSM on a daily basis. I took a 1000 mg tablet every day for several weeks and didn’t really see any difference, so he urged me to double up, taking one in the morning and another at night. I was skeptical but I have to tell you, after about two weeks of the increased dosage I began to notice a real improvement.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a working frenzy on my latest Big Lake book, knocking out 3000 – 4000 words a day. Normally that would leave my fingers swollen and throbbing by the end of the day, and two days in a row would put me out of action. Not this time around. No pain, and my hands were flexible, with no discomfort. For the last week I’ve been working 10+ hours a day on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, which usually puts me out of action for a day or two afterward. But this time around I have no discomfort at all and I can squeeze my hands into fists and flex my fingers easily. I’m impressed!

Are you in the mood for a good short story? Here are fourteen to choose from with a Texas flavor, by my friend George Wier, ’14: A Texanthology. George is the author of the Bill Travis mysteries series and one of the most talented writers I know. Read this book and I bet you’ll become a fan too.


Thought For The Day – It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong.

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  1. What is MSM? My husband is starting with arthritis in his knee and it only start bothering him while driving. We also tried a few over the counter stuff with no results.


  2. Yea what is MSM?

  3. My husband takes MSM for allergies. We buy it from Amazon. The Walmart brand is worthless in my opinion. This is what’s on the bottle: Natural Balance Pure MSM Capsules, 1000 MG, 240 capsules. I think he gets the 3-pk version. His nose was running like a faucet. Literally…not pretty. He started taking 2 in the morning, 2 midday, and 2 at night to build up a resistance. As he got better, he lowered the dosage by one tablet at each dosage. He eventually gets to one in the morning and one at night. Increase/decrease dosage as needed. You can go to Nick’s Amazon website and order yours. Don’t quit it too soon. As Nick said, it does work…you just have to get enough in your body.

  4. I am so glad that the MSM is working for you. Arthritis in your hands has to dreadful for a writer. I have to agree about the Dragon Speak. Our ER doctors use it to dictate their notes. The typos are often hilarious.

  5. Puritan’s Pride has MSM 1000 MG Capsules 120 in a bottle for 5.59 free shipping. they always have specials like buy 2 get 3.

  6. Don’t know if this link to it will work or not

    NOW Foods MSM 1000mg, 120 Capsules

  7. MSM is amazing stuff. My husband could no longer hold the TV remote control and change the channels with one hand. He had to hold it with one and press the buttons with the other. He started taking 6 MSM 1000 mg tablets a day back in early September he is now back to playing golf. In fact, he’s out playing right now.

  8. That’s just multi-level marketing bullshit just like Amway

  9. Larry, we don’t sell it, we just use it. You can buy it at WalMart or any pharmacy

  10. I just began MSM at my doc’s instructions…just ramped up gradually…maybe going further yet…with allergies I find it best to go slowly on new things. Glad to hear it helps Nick…I also take garlic pills and doc wanted me off them due to my allergy to garlic going off the charts on the tests….but when I tried, my arthritis came back and I use my hands ALL the time…so figured garlic was less problemic than using aspirin for the pain….but now I am encouraged to try using the MSM and get off the garlic pills. I think you are supposed to have MSM naturally in your body…but of course, any of us, esp. as we age, can have not enough of any nutrient. And those of us with allergies even moreso…I have lots of food allergies, but generally just pay attention to the ones most bothersome. I suppose you know that wheat, eggs, and other things can also affect arthritis badly.

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